Mueller Probe Not Over – Pursing New Trump-Russia Collusion Rabbit Trail

This past week, we have heard that the 21-month long special counsel investigation conducted by Robert Mueller was over and that Congress have been given Mueller’s final report.

In fact, Democrats and Republicans in Congress have been battling over whether or not Mueller’s final report should be released to the public.

According to the latest news, the final report is not the final report and the once ended probe is not ended.

It seems that Mueller has found another rabbit trail to follow in hopes of finally finding something that can be used against President Donald Trump.

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The Washington Times – Robert Mueller pursues new Trump-Russia collusion leads despite talk of probe winding down – Special counsel Robert Mueller has been pursuing several Russia collusion leads even as a number of media outlets say his final report is due soon, according to court filings and sources.

Former acting Attorney General Matthew G. Whitaker said in January that he had been read-in on the nearly two-year probe and concluded it was “close to being completed.”

But there are signs that Russia issues remain:

  • Court filings in the prosecution of former Trumpcampaign manager Paul Manafort show that Mr. Mueller is still investigating a fall 2016 meeting at a Manhattan cigar bar where the lifting of U.S. sanctions on Russia was discussed.
  • Mr. Muellerstill has questions about the Ukraine amendment to the 2016 Republican Party platform.
  • The indictment of Trumppolitical adviser Roger Stone for allegedly lying to Congress sets up the possibility of a plea bargain. Mr. Stone has denied wrongdoing and has said he will never betray President Trump. But he has added that he is willing to cooperate…

The Mueller investigation has already wasted millions of taxpayer dollars, but spending our hard-earned money has never been a problem to any politician, especially Democrats.

As President Trump pointed out last week, the Mueller probe was illegal from the very beginning since such special counsel investigations should originate with evidence of a crime, but since there was no evidence, there should never have been an investigation.

Additionally, the investigation was based on a dossier that was composed from unverified postings from the public via a CNN website, a website known for its Trump-hating liberals and fake news.



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