Mueller Accused of Suppling Computers Used to Spy on Trump

Over the last couple of weeks, there have been numerous reports that Mueller and his team has either deleted or hidden documents that favor President Donald Trump.

Don’t forget that Mueller was FBI Director during the time a whistleblower started an investigation into the illegal dealings of the Uranium One Deal, and under Mueller’s watch, that investigation was stopped and seemingly buried.

Now, whistleblower Dennis Montgomery claims that Mueller provided the computers used by the Obama administration to create an elaborate and sophisticated surveillance system that was then used to spy on Donald Trump.

Communities Digital News – Exclusive: Obama’s coup d’etat docs prove illegal surveillance coverup – Senior FBI and DOJ officials involved in the Mueller’s Russian collusion investigation were part of the team investigating whistleblower Dennis Montgomery. Montgomery claims that Obama administration officials illegally spied on citizen and candidate Donald Trump. Among those Montgomery identifies are CIA Director John Brennan and the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper

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Dennis Montgomery is a software designer and former medical technician. Montgomery was selling federal officials computer programs.  Montgomery claims  he won millions in federal contracts for his supposed terrorist-exposing intelligence software which was later found to be an elaborate “hoax”

Now Montgomery asserts that the FBI, under Mueller, was the supplier of the computers used to create an illegal super surveillance system. That system was then used by then President Obama’s intelligence chiefs to spy on Trump. It was “the most important, most sensitive” intelligence tool the agency had, according to a former agency official.

Personally, Special Counsel Robert Mueller is as straight as a snake with the only difference between the two is that I like and trust snakes more than I like or trust Mueller, even though both can be deadly if one isn’t careful.

A quick clarification – I’ve handled many rattlesnakes and a few cobras and several other poisonous snakes, but if given a choice, I would rather work with them again than work with the likes of Mueller.

Having Mueller investigating Trump is like having a murderer investigate a murder that he and his colleagues committed.



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