Mueller Accused of Destroying & Suppressing Evidence

Would Special Counsel Robert Mueller intentionally destroy evidence and suppress other materials involved with his witch hunt efforts to nail President Donald Trump and as many of his associates as possible?

To begin with, there are still allegations swirling around questioning whether or not Mueller should have refused or recused himself with the Russia probe due to his possible involvement in the infamous and treasonous Uranium One Deal with Russia.

Additionally, it seems that many things associated with Democrats have been unethical and illegal, but that hasn’t stopped them, has it?

Therefore, I would not be surprised to learn that Mueller destroyed evidence and suppressed other evidence to accomplish his destroy-Trump agenda.

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National Sentinel – View: Mueller has ‘destroyed’ evidence in Flynn case and is suppressing other materials –  Crime: A former federal prosecutor says in a column posted online Sunday that special counsel Robert Mueller has committed a “crime” by destroying cellphone data and other evidence while suppressing materials sought by a federal court related to former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

Writing at The Daily Caller, Sydney Powell, author of “Licensed to Lie: Exposing Corruption in the Justice Department,” said it appears as though Mueller has not fully complied with U.S. District Judge Emmitt G. Sullivan’s demand he turn over all exculpatory evidence in Flynn’s case.

She notes that when Sullivan got Flynn’s case in February, he “immediately issued what is called a ‘Brady’ order requiring Mueller to provide Flynn all information that is favorable to the defense whether with respect to guilt or punishment.”

Sullivan, Powell notes, is a “government misconduct expert,” having dealt in the past with federal prosecutors who either withheld exculpatory evidence in cases or otherwise suppressed materials that could have exonerated suspects…

The question to be asked is what, if anything will be done with Mueller if the allegations are proven to be true?

Republicans have proven that they are too weak and spineless to take the proper action against any Democrat.

The only ones with the guts to do anything are Democrats, but since Mueller is one of their, they will do everything they can to defend one of their heroes.

I still wish President Trump would have nominated out-going Rep. Trey Gowdy to be his next Attorney General because as a prosecutor in real life, Gowdy was a real bulldog when it came to going after the bad guys and the Democrats are rife with bad guys.



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