MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Lies by Claiming Brenda Snipes is a Republican

It’s no secret that MSNBC and similar lamestream media outlets hate President Donald Trump and all Republicans.

They also have a huge problem with reporting the truth if it is anything that’s anti-Democrat or pro-Republican.

For the past several years, the lamestream media has been rife with outright fake news or reports that are so slanted and twisted that any truth has been carefully hidden or altered so as to be unrecognizable.

Such is the case with Andrea Mitchell, appearing on MNBC, when she declared that Broward County election official Brenda Snipes is a Republican.

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Independent Sentinel – MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell lied on air and has not taken it back. She said Brenda Snipes — the disgraced Broward County elections supervisor — is a Republican. Everyone who isn’t living under a rock knows Snipes is a lifelong registered Democrat.

She made the comment during a discussion with a reporter of mounting circumstantial evidence of rampant voter fraud in Florida.

“We should also point out that Brenda Snipes in Broward County is a Republican appointed by former governor Jeb Bush,” Mitchell said. “So she was put in by a Republican governor after the mess that we all remember from 2000. And she’s hardly a Democratic official or someone doing the bidding of the Democratic candidates there.”

She was appointed by Bush but she is no Republican. Jeb Bush had no choice and was pressed into selecting someone quickly who wouldn’t be contested…

The knowledge of Brenda Snipes being a Democrat is so well-known and documented that if Mitchell said this in error, it only proves how uninformed and ill-prepared she is, which means she has no business being on the air.

That only leads one to believe that Mitchell intentionally lied about Snipes just to throw blame on Republicans for the controversy surrounding the midterm election ballots for Broward County.

If this is the case, then again, Mitchell has no business reporting any news as she cannot be trusted.

Andrea Mitchell is either a stupid GOP-hating liberal or a lying GOP-hating liberal.

Either way, she is not qualified to be a journalist.



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