MSNBC Staff Display Own Racial Intolerance Over Trump Chief of Staff List

At one time in America racism was a two-way street for black and white Americans alike.

However, the rise of racial intolerance, led by Barack Obama’s racial war, has made racism a perceived one-way street with only whites guilty and blacks innocent of same racial bias.

Obama escalated and fueled racism in America to point where black Americans are never considered to be guilty of racism even though some like Al Sharpton are among the most racist people in all of America.

The racial dichotomy was further evidenced by the staff at MSNBC who went on a rant about how President Trump is racist because his short list for Chief of Staff are all white males.

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The National Sentinel – HATE: MSNBC hosts complain Trump chief of staff shortlist are all ‘white guys’ – Bigotry: To the Left, there are no better qualifiers for high office than sex and skin color, as evidenced once more by the knuckleheads at MSNBC.

On Monday hosts on the little-watched network couldn’t find anything new to complain about when it came to the Trump presidency and POTUS himself so they reverted to two standbys of the Left: Racism and sexism.

Specifically, hosts Stephanie Ruhle and Ali Velshi complained that POTUS Trump’s top picks to replace outgoing Chief of Staff John Kelly were “all white guys.”

After the president’s top pick, Vice President Mike Pence’s aide Nick Ayers, turned down the job to run a super PAC ahead of POTUS’ reelection, “NBC White House correspondent Geoff Bennett noted all the other potential candidates, like Budget Director Mick Mulvaney and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, were males,” the Washington Free Beacon reported

Ask yourself why it’s okay for there be a Black Entertainment Television, Black History Month, NAACP, Black Miss America, Black Caucus in Congress and many more black only organizations when it’s not okay to have anything white only?

Did you know that in many colleges and universities, white males are the most discriminated demographic groups when it comes to admission standards?

A human resource person told me about a year ago, that when it comes to jobs, it’s better to be black, Hispanic, American Indian, Asian and female than it is to be a white male.

If they want equality, they need to show equality themselves.



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