MSNBC Chuck Todd Spews Stupid Argument Against Kavanaugh

Judge Brett Kavanaugh, regardless of what he may have or didn’t do in high school and college, has a stellar record as being a constitutionalist, meaning he rules not on agenda but on the Constitution and rule of law.

This is horrifying to Democrats as they only want Supreme Court Justices who rule on agenda like Ginsberg, Kagan and Sotomayor.

Consequently, Democrats on Capital Hill and in the mainstream media have thrown off the gloves and ready for a knockdown fight to prevent Kavanaugh from being confirmed.

Chuck Todd, a host on the ultra-liberal MSNBC, actually showed just how stupid and biased he is with his argument against Kavanaugh.

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He called Kavanaugh a ‘Partisan Warrior’ because he had the audacity to defend himself in the media.

(NewsBusters) – There is nothing Judge Brett Kavanaugh can do to clear his name in the eyes of the ravenous liberal media. Even after his interview on Fox News in which he defended himself and his reputation from the dubious allegations, it drew the ire of those who wanted his nomination to fail. During Tuesday’s MTP Daily on MSNBC, host Chuck Todd slapped the Supreme Court nominee with a “partisan warrior” label for the effort.

Todd began the program by decrying the “all-out PR blitz” “aimed at trying to ram through” Kavanaugh’s nomination. He told viewers it was “a shock and awe strategy” filled with “Trump-style playbook of denials, counter-strikes, claims of a vast left-wing conspiracy, and overt attacks on Kavanaugh’s accusers”.

After playing clips of White House officials and Republican leaders defending Kavanaugh, Todd lambasted the Judge for his Fox News interview. “And folks, pretty much everything you’ve heard follows Kavanaugh himself playing something that I don’t think that we’ve ever seen a Suppreme Court nominee do, playing the part of partisan warrior by going on Fox News last night,” he chided…

Todd’s statement reveals the attitude of other Democrats who have called for Kavanaugh to shut up.

They don’t want him defending himself in the media.

The only thing they want reported is all of the hate-filled venomous vilification of a good judge that they fear.

As for being a partisan warrior, what you Todd and others call Kagan, Ginsberg and Sotomayor who have all pushed their liberal agenda via their rulings on the high court?



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