Moronophobia: New Affliction Sweeps Nation!

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There is no vaccine.

“The President believes that passing common sense gun laws will keep us safer,” the President’s spokesman said recently. He added that new gun control laws will deter terrorists by making it harder for them to get weapons.

Only a moron would believe this BS. Suicide terrorists are carefully selected, trained and indoctrinated.  They have no trouble acquiring weapons, regardless of the gun control laws in America. Only a moron would believe this bilge, and morons are as dangerous as terrorists.

Hence the new affliction: Moronophobia. There are morons in the WH, and throughout government, and yes, I’m afraid of them. I suffer from Moronophobia. There are millions of morons registered to vote. In this knowledge I suffer more greatly from Moronophobia.

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ISIS is “showing videos of Donald Trump insulting Muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists.” Hillary Clinton

Fact first: Trump never insulted Muslims. Terrorists join jihad driven by hatred instilled at an early age.  They engage jihad for the promise of heaven filled with virgins on demand.  They are brainwashed from birth.  Trump is nowhere on their radar.  Terrorists flock to ISIS to join in the mayhem and the rape.  Clinton’s remark appeals only to morons, and she is very good at recruiting them.   Showing weakness in the face to terrorism, a Clinton tradition, is a great recruitment tool for ISIS and others.

“Obama is a Christian and an American patriot.” Jeb Bush  (Moronophobia kicks up a degree.)  If Obama is a Christian and a patriot, I’m the King of Siam.  Lindsay Graham:  “Trump Is A Race Baiting Xenophobic Religious Bigot,” and “I’ll beat his brains out in South Carolina.” (Two weeks later Graham dropped out of the race.)  Glenn Beck: “Tea Partiers Who Support Donald Trump Are Racist.” Donald Trump: “The other thing with the terrorists is you have to take out their families.”  Moronophobia works both sides of the aisle.

Headlines . . .

Kerry: Iran Can Violate Parts of the Nuclear Deal Without Really Violating the Nuclear Deal

John Kerry: Israel Will Be Safer Under Iran Nuclear Deal

John Kerry: ‘Scriptures Command America To Protect Muslims From Global Warming ‘

John Kerry: Charlie Hebdo Kind Of Asked For It You Know

John Kerry: Terrorists Join ISIS Because of ‘Lost Jobs’

Kerry Babbles In Joint Statement On Syria (Russians giggle)

Former Obama Intel Chief: John Kerry Is ‘Out Of Touch With Reality’

John Kerry is U.S. Secretary of State, the man hired by Obama and endorsed by Hillary Clinton. Monster moronophobia.


Obama on Republicans: “They Don’t Do Anything Except Call Me Names”

Obama: I fixed the country, I fixed the economy

Obama: I improved America’s standing around the world

Obama Brags that he’s ‘Really Good at Killing People’ with drones


President says his strategy is working against ISIS

Psychologist says Obama is irrational; questions his sanity

EU diplomat says his government thinks Obama is mentally ill

Hillary and Bernie Sanders praise Obama. They helped put him in office.  Now they want you to put them in office. Morons, or master manipulators? A bit of both I think.  Moronophobia “strikes deep, into your life it will creep.“  *

Bonus info: All three past Secretaries of Defense say Obama’s leadership is terrible, as bad as his policies. Do you have Moronophobia yet?

*Buffalo Springfield

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