Mormon Church Declares Gay Marriage as Apostate

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The Mormon Church has recently issued a statement that is startling with respect to homosexuality and same-sex marriage. Startling in the sense that there were very few people that expected this kind of a strong statement. Not starting in the fact that this is consistent with historic doctrinal beliefs with respect to marriage and human sexuality.

Mat Staver: Matt, as we have been following this issue of same-sex marriage for a number of years, and been very much involved in it, we have, as it relates to the Mormon church, we had their very strong position on same-sex marriage in the Proposition 8 Case. You remember they were strongly in support of Proposition 8, which declared, or affirmed I should say, marriage is the union of a man and a woman.

But then they came out and they had some language that seemed a little wishy-washy on same-sex relationships or homosexuality.

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Then they came out with a statement that they were going to reconsider the Boy Scouts, when the Boy Scouts decided scout leaders could actually be homosexual. And then they recently had this conference, and this conference then released a policy for all of the Mormon churches worldwide. And the policy statement startled a lot of people, especially those pushing the same-sex, LGBT agenda, thinking that the Mormon Church was getting wishy-washy on this. And this statement is anything but wishy-washy.

Matt Barber: Well the statement in fact says that any person who belongs to the Mormon church who enters into a so-called same-sex marriage is an apostate. They are in gross violation of the teachings of the Mormon church. That holds to for scripture, that holds to the Catholic Church. In their statement, in the catechism it calls homosexual…that behavior intrinsically disordered and a grave depravity…

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