More Democrats Against Pelosi as Speaker

From the moment it was known that Democrats had regained control of the House, former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi seemed to believe that her return to that esteemed position was automatically guaranteed.

However, not all Democrats shared Pelosi’s certainty to her return to power.

A growing number of Democrats, especially many of the younger Democrats, have expressed their concern with Pelosi’s leadership record and capability.

They are blaming her for the gridlock that has left much of Congress in a political quagmire.

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Indications are growing stronger that Pelosi’s leadership, power and authority are over.

The New York Times – Pelosi Faces Another Internal Threat to Her Leadership, This Time Over Partisan Gridlock – A group of House Democrats — dismayed by partisan gridlock — is trying to force changes to the way the House works by leaning into a potential leadership fight, threatening to withhold support for Representative Nancy Pelosi to be speaker unless she backs an overhaul of the chamber’s rules.

The nine Democratic members of a bipartisan coalition calling itself the Problem Solvers Caucus are now insisting that Ms. Pelosi embrace their proposals or risk losing power when Democrats take control of the chamber in January. The group was formed several years ago by the centrist organization No Labels, in part to blunt the power of ultraconservative Republicans who have had an outsized influence on their leaders during their years in the majority.

But under Republican control, the Problem Solvers and No Labels have been ineffectual, proposing only modest bipartisan pieces of legislation and failing to mount significant challenges to the Republican leadership…

The Speaker of the House position is not just a mere title of party leadership in the House.

The Speaker often decides which pieces of legislation will be introduced for consideration and which ones are destined for the trash can.

Additionally, the Speaker of the House is second in line to assume the presidency in the case of the death of the president.

If something were to happen to both the president and vice president, the Speaker would become the next president, something none of us would like to see happen with Pelosi.



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