More Chinese International Hacking Revealed

Earlier this year, prior to the 2018 midterm elections, American intelligence officials revealed that China had been trying to use social media and other electronic methods to influence the US midterm elections.

China denied the allegations, which Trump used as a warning to Chinese President Xi Jinping during their last meeting.

Trump informed Jinping that he would not reconsider any of his sanctions placed against China until he was assured that China would stop trying to interfere in US elections, stop trying to hack into various US companies and stop stealing industrial and military technology.

A New Zealand professor has revealed that she has evidence that makes accusation against China’s state security police hacking into businesses in Australia, as being very credible.

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Radio Free Asia – Reports of China Hacking ‘Credible’ as New Zealand Professor Reports Car-Tampering – Chinese experts living in Australia say recent reports that China’s state security police hacked and spied on Australian businesses are “credible,” as a New Zealand academic researching Beijing’s overseas influence said her car had been sabotaged in a potentially life-threatening manner.

China’s ministry of state security is overseeing a “massive hacking operation” of large Australian businesses with the code name “Operation Cloud Hopper,” which has been detected by the Australian Signals Directorate, a partner in the Five Eyes intelligence grouping, according to a Fairfax Media/Nine News investigation.

The report cited a senior Australian government source as saying that the operation was “a constant, significant effort to steal our intellectual property” by “hopping” from outsourced cloud storage services into a company’s internal computer network.

And it quoted police and intelligence officials as saying that Australian companies and universities had failed to heed repeated warnings to improve their information security in the face of advanced persistent threats by state actors.

Meanwhile, New Zealand media reported that police investigation into a campaign of harassment against prominent China researcher Anne-Marie Brady has widened to include apparent efforts to sabotage her car…

Electronic espionage and sabotage is one of the sad results of today’s technological world.

Technology is something we all enjoy, but also have to be very wary of.

Just as Russia, China and Iran are using technology to spy, influence and steal from other nations, one has to believe that the United States intelligence community and possibly our military are doing the very same thing to other countries, which means our condemnation of Russia and China is nothing more than face-saving hypocrisy.



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