The Momentum Is with Biblical Sexual Values, Not with Sexual Radicalism

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This article by John Nolte in Daily Wire brings to the forefront many of the issues that we struggle with, as parents and citizens fighting back against confusion imposed on our young people.

Mr. Nolte is responding to a sentiment expressed quite often these days, to the effect of: “We have lost the culture wars. It is time to be super-duper, extra nice with cherries on top, and not fight about things that make people really mad, like the fact that the Bible bans sodomy and homosexual activity seems to have a lot of negative effects on people.”

This defeatist sentiment isn’t emerging naturally, first of all. It has been carefully cultivated by strategists within the Gay Lobby. Consider that the Human Rights Campaign and the Southern Poverty Law Center both rake in enormous amounts of cash, often from less than scrupulous fundraising tactics. Two articles to illustrate are here:


Different figures appear in different articles about these groups, but it is clear that they collect tens of millions of dollars in surplus each year, and their principal holdings seem to be growing, into the hundreds of millions of dollars.

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Religious groups like the Roman Catholic Church and the Southern Baptist Convention also collect a lot of money in donations, but they spend these on charities and services: maintaining churches, funding religious schools, running soup kitchens and homeless shelters and adoption services, for instance. So people of faith, even if they give many times their required tithes, can simply never amass a large amount of money devoted entirely to fighting political battles against LGBTs who hope to eradicate biblical beliefs on chastity.

The LGBT lobby is in a different situation. They do not, generally, run large charitable operations devoted to healing the many illnesses and wounds with which gay adults contend: the high rate of sexually transmitted diseases including fatal HIV, depression, anxiety, suicide, addictions, eating disorders, steroid abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault, and other general problems such as adjustment disorder. Gay adults who have these problems are often told by the same organizations that run around encouraging teenagers to leap out of the closet into gay life: “You’re an adult now, you joined the gay lifestyle, we can’t hold your hand forever, get help.”

So the pro-LGBT lobbying groups benefit from their own callousness. They have huge stockpiles of extra money that they can devote entirely to lawsuits, propaganda, lobbying, and pressure campaigns. Two targets occupy most of their time: Young people, whom LGBT activists hope to cajole into identifying as LGBT as early as possible, and whistleblowers who call shenanigans on LGBT ideology, whom LGBT activists hope to obliterate. When I say, “obliterate,” I use the strong term deliberately. The lobby has been far more interested in cultivating disgust and revulsion toward people who question LGBT ideology than invested in cultivating love and healthy practices among the communities the lobby claims to advocate for.

So we face an interesting mirage. On the one hand it seems as though LGBT groups have won over the whole country and redefined practices that are objectively unhealthy as an absolute good, like tolerance and redemption and “love.” On the other hand, if we look below the surface, we see that they have been playing chess with lots of money, but they have not changed reality and have not gained long-term ground in justifying their community’s conduct.

On a chess board, players do not reveal their plans to opponents right away. They engage in “feints,” where they pretend to be heading toward one strategy when in reality, they have an alternative plan that will only emerge when the timing is right. In chess, there are pawns that one might sacrifice for the larger plot, while other pieces, such as queens and bishops, one has to safeguard much more carefully.

The LGBT movement has been good at playing chess, partly because their main opponents are Christian who are told to be guileless and to think of good things whenever possible. Also Christians are instructed to worry about the log in their own eye rather than fret about the speck in someone else’s. LGBT experts know this and manipulate these sentiments among the masses, but LGBTs are not bound by any such Christian rules. Therefore if they can deflect Christians’ worries back on Christians — “worry about the hate in your own heart” — then LGBTs can paralyze them so they do not speak out against LGBT ideology. In the meantime, the LGBT lobby can run the chess board.

Remember that stockpile of money? That comes in handy. Because the LGBT lobby does not have to provide services and isn’t accountable for metrics showing how much they have improved gay people’s lives, they can ignore their own constituents’ adult tribulations (these are pawns) and simply throw money at leaders or high-profile people on the Christian side (like taking out the queen or bishop). They can spend hours workshopping rhetoric and talking points so that Christian leaders have the perfect formula of words to advance the LGBTs on the chess board. For example this, “though I uphold the biblical virtue of chastity, I think we need to focus on being good examples rather than on attacking gay people for things we don’t agree on. Also, I oppose conversion therapy and also I think we should stop fighting gay marriage.” This statement is perfectly crafted to appease and lull Christians, but still clear a straight path for LGBTs to get what they want. Since the LGBT activists do not have qualms about manipulation or deceit, they can do this and run the table on their opponents. [Keep in mind that there is a huge difference between LGBT activists and actual people who happen to identify that way.]


This only works for so long. So you win your chess game. Then what? You still have a population of LGBTs whom you coaxed out of the closet, who are now lonely, in poor health, and afflicted over their childlessness. They were promised total equality but they learn that heterosexual intercourse cannot be simulated by two men or by two women: Only male-female intercourse produces children through love, and such intercourse occasions a connectedness and spiritual union between the halves of humanity, which dwarfs whatever momentary awkward pleasures one can get from having sex with someone of the same sex, whose body parts make full and pleasant intercourse unattainable.

So eventually the pawns and other pieces of the chess board, which the LGBT lobby eats and throws away, do not die off. They start talking. They are, in fact, the masses. They come forward and speak in droves, as they did in the 2016 election. And all the wasted treasure… All that money spent on a chess game that means nothing in the end.

Now is not the time for Christians to surrender. We have biblical authority to challenge false teaching and prevent our children from being led into sin. The Word and the world are on our side.

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