Moments Away From Taking Abortion Pill, Then a Miracle Happens

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An expectant mother in the UK was reportedly just moments away from taking a hospital-provided abortion pill after she was told her baby was dead. However, an indescribable feeling deep in her heart told her the baby was still alive.

After being told by hospital staff her baby was dead with “100 percent” certainty, Hazel Wiggins returned home where she “got into bed and mourned the death” of her unborn child.

“I cried the whole day and night,” the 36-year-old mother told the Mirror.

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When Wiggins returned to Hexham General Hospital to begin a first series of abortion pills, she relayed her gut feeling about her baby to the nurses. She said she could not accept that her baby was dead and demanded they do another scan.

“They kept saying that I needed to take the tablets and I said that I didn’t want to. I told them I wanted another scan. It went on for about 20 minutes,” she recalled.

Eventually, the nurses relented and agreed to do another scan. When the nurse saw what was on the screen, she was “shocked.” She reportedly told the mother: “I have a baby here who is jumping all over the place, the baby is alive.”

Wiggins said when she looked at the screen, it looked like her baby girl was saying to her, “Mum, please don’t take the tablets, I’m alive.”

Baby Amelia was born on Jan. 13 at Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary. Though she was born with respiratory problems as well as her liver and bowel on the outside of her body, her health is said to be improving by the day.

The stunning case led to an apology and legal settlement from the Northumbria NHS Healthcare Foundation Trust. The matter was settled out of court.

Further, the case reportedly led to changes in official NHS policy on pre-natal scans.

“All expectant mothers who have a scan which shows their baby has died will now be automatically offered a second scan,” the Mirror reports.

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