Mitch McConnel Betrays Trump and American People

I’ve lived in northern Kentucky for the past 22 years and in the past, I vote for Mitch McConnel for the US Senate, but that will never happen again.

If you want the definition of a career politician, it would be McConnel, who was first elected to the Senate in 1984 and was sworn in on January 3, 1985, meaning he has spent the last almost 34 years in the Senate.

At first, I thought he was a good solid conservative Republican, but know I consider him a traitor to the Republican Party, President Donald Trump and every conservative Republican in America.

His latest act of betrayal came yesterday when McConnel announced that he will lead the Senate to vote on a funding bill without any funds for Trump’s border wall.

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Fox News – McConnell says Senate will vote on stopgap to avert shutdown – without new border wall funding – Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced Wednesday the Senate will consider a stopgap measure to continue funding the government and avert a shutdown later this week – but it won’t include President Trump’s desired $5 billion for border wall funding because of the “reality of our political moment.”

“Later this morning, we’ll introduce a continuing resolution that will ensure continuous funding for the federal government,” McConnell, R-Ky., said on the Senate floor. “The measure will provide the resources necessary to continue normal operations through February 8th.”

The announcement comes as Congress faces a Friday deadline to fund a portion of the government or risk a partial shutdown. Lawmakers had been at a standstill over the president’s demands for $5 billion to fund the border wall…

When McConnel, as Senate Majority leader failed to repeal Obamacare when they had a chance, I wondered if he was another Chris Christie – a Democrat disguised as a Republican.

Republicans have the majority in the Senate and House for just a couple of weeks and if they were loyal to Trump and the American people, they would fund the border wall.

Yet, GOP leaders like McConnell have proven that they are sniveling cowards who are afraid to do the right thing.

If McConnell runs for re-election, I know of at least 2 votes he won’t get because we don’t vote for cowardly traitors.



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