Minnesota Muslims Defending Omar While Protesting Trump Response

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) is a radical Muslim that was voted into Congress from a district that the FBI classified as being the top location for Islamic radicalization in America.

She has repeatedly posted and said anti-Semitic statements.

She recently said that White House Adviser Stephen Miller is dangerous and should have nothing to do with any decision or policy making – Miller is a Jew.

A week ago, Omar referred to the worst terrorist attack in American history as just something that some people did, obviously downplaying the FACT that it was an Islamic attack on America.

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President Trump responded with a tweeting depicting the horror of 9/11 and this is upset Omar and her Muslim buddies at CAIR.

Independent Sentinel – CAIR-MN to protest President Trump, Omar Becomes the Victim – The Minnesota chapter of the Council of Islamic Relations will hold a peaceful protest in Burnsville, Minnesota today while the President speaks to the crowd. They stand with Omar.

Minnesota Democrat Ilhan Omar claims that the President’s tweet blasting her comments about 9/11 has led to an increase in death threats against her. With Omar, an accomplished liar, it’s best to see the evidence before latching onto that claim.

The congresswoman recently told a CAIR audience that on 9/11, “some people did something,” and then went on to portray the real problem as the so-called backlash against Muslims.


The President saw her desecration and offense for what it was and gave the perfect response…

I’ve yet to hear of a single positive thing Omar has done in her three short months in office.

The list of her negative accomplishments is growing week by week, indicating that she is more of a distraction to the workings of Congress.

She seems to nothing more than a radicalized Muslim out to change and destroy our America.

Personally, I believe she is an enemy of the United States and should be treated as such.



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