Militia Required at the County Level

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The argument for forming militia

Americans have to survive for 14 months in hopes of electing a real President willing to protect and defend our sovereignty, our rights, and our homeland. For my part I’m looking for a warrior patriot with intellect, a person inspired to turn the tide against all the anti-American forces arrayed against us.

For the time being we have a problem, a very serious problem, and that problem has been exacerbated and brought into sharp focus these last few months. Think of the remarkable convergence of events:

It is inevitable we will be attacked within our borders, time and again, by combinations of terrorists from overseas, homegrown terrorists, and sleepers.  The truth is the president has no interest in protecting citizens, or even fighting back. In fact, the evidence is overwhelming that this president and his administration are actually working to promote conflict, violence, and chaos. It must be part of the ‘fundamental transformation’ agenda, and part of the ‘declare martial law and stay in power forever’ agenda.

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In any case we had better get organized. Obviously we cannot rely on the federal government or this so-called president. At the very least, patriots in each county must meet with their sheriff and organize militia for self-defense, and to assist law enforcement, no matter what comes. We had better move quickly. The clock is against us.

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