Migrants Costing Tijuana 550,000 Pesos ($28,000 US) Per Day

If migrants are fleeing poverty in their homelands, then it is obvious that they expect someone else to provide for them.

If they are not being provided for, then local, state and federal governments are accused of neglect, abuse and being inhumane.

My dad often referred to illegal aliens and these type of migrants as freeloaders, referring to this nature of expecting everyone else to provide for them.

As hundreds of migrant immigrants are prevented from crossing the border into El Paso, Texas, the mayor of Tijuana is trying to figure out how to provide for the migrant freeloaders.

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In a statement, the mayor said the migrants are costing his city 550,000 pesos ($28,000 US) a day to take care of the freeloaders.

Wayne Dupree – Tijuana Mayor — Migrant Caravan Costing Us 28K A Day! – The Mexican government allowed this rabble to enter their country when they could have stopped them at “their” southern border. Now they’re whining about having to feed and care for them for months while the USA goes through the process of deciding which ones deserve to get sanctuary.

If Mexico doesn’t want to deal with them, then I suggest it’s time for Mexico to start rounding them up and shipping them back to where they came from.

Tell them to get to work or start the trek home; they are not coming to America. This is now Mexico’s problem. They let them in their country and allowed them to travel thru it. Let them deal with it. Get busy building the wall, Mr. President.

The mayor of Tijuana, Mexico, revealed during an interview with a documentary filmmaker on Thursday just how much the migrant caravan is costing the city each day…

Most things such as food cost less in Mexico than here in the United States.

That means if these migrant freeloaders were allowed to enter the United States as Democrats want, it would cost US taxpayers more than $28,000 to house, feed, police, educate and render medical care to just those migrants.

$28,000 a day works out to $10.22 million a year, just for those migrants.

Realize that there are many more waiting to cross into California and other Texas locations.

It already costs us taxpayers over $100 billion to care for the illegal aliens already here in the US.

How much more are we taxpayers expected to shell out for these foreign freeloaders? Seems to me, $5.9 billion for border wall is real bargain.



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