Migrant Killed as Second Migrant Caravan Encounters Problems at Mexico-Guatemala Border

The news has been filled with reports of a migrant caravan of over 7,000 who are hoping to gain entrance into the United States by seeking asylum.

Using asylum has become a common excuse for thousands of illegals, who have all been told that if they claim they are seeking asylum, their chances of getting into the US are greatly increased,

This first caravan is still 1,000 miles from the US, but there is already a second caravan of migrants that reached the Guatemala-Mexico border.

This second caravan has met stiffer confrontation with Mexican police and authorities, resulting in the death of one migrant.

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Others are getting discouraged and returning home, but the majority are determined to make it to our border.

The Washington Times – Several hundred migrants tried to cross the Suchiate River from Guatemala to Mexico en masse on Monday, but were met by ranks of Mexican federal police who blocked them from entering.

The standoff on the riverbank follow a more violent confrontation that occurred on the nearby bridge over the river the night before, when migrants tossed rocks and used sticks against Mexico police. One migrant was killed Sunday night by a head wound, but the cause was unclear.

While migrants on the bridge had appeared to be preparing for a second day of confrontations early Monday, instead they tried the route taken by the first caravan 10 days ago after it, too, was blocked: turn to the river below.

The first, larger caravan made it across the river by wading or on rafts, and now is advancing through southern Mexico.

But since that crossing, the Mexican Navy has begun patrolling the Suchiate River and Mexican police have taken up positions on the riverbank, insisting migrants register before entering and show travel documents that many do not have…

President Donald Trump has already announced that he is sending an additional 5,200 regular military troops to border to stop the caravan from entering the country.

There are already at least 2,000 troops along the border, mostly National Guard, that have been told to support Border Patrol agents.

If I were President, I would declare the caravans to be an outright invasion of American sovereignty.

Then I would send closer to 50,000 regular military troops to defend the border.

Additionally, if Trump wants to build his wall, why not use the military construction units to build it?

They are already being paid and it’s would be better for them to build out border wall than to keep rebuilding towns and infrastructure in war torn Middle East countries.



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