Mexicans Call It An Invasion

They were out in the streets in force on Sunday, protesting what they called an “invasion” of illegal immigrants. Waving flags and singing their national anthem, they accused the “migrants” in their midst of being messy, ungrateful and a danger to their community. “We don’t want them here,” they shouted.

It could be a demonstration anywhere in the United States. Instead, it was citizens of Tijuana who were protesting the arrival of thousands from Honduras, who could be there for up to 9 months trying to get into the United States.

A man who was interviewed by the US media tried to explain his frustration:

“I have a house with doors and windows to keep out intruders. Mexico is my home. We have laws to deal with these invaders. Why doesn’t our government enforce them?”

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Some were holding signs that read, “Donald Trump is right. This is an invasion.”

CNN’s Jim Acosta should be down there explaining to the Mexicans that their attitude smacks of racism.

In Tijuana, they’re saying the same things many of us have been saying for decades: They’re not “migrants,” but illegal aliens. Many are criminals.

They’re a threat to our safety and security. They’re poorly educated, fit only for low-skill jobs, will be a drain on taxpayers, and won’t assimilate.

It’s true of Arabs overrunning Europe, Hondurans who’ve shoved their way into Mexico, and the illegal alien tsunami that’s washed over our borders.

Many of those in the U.S. immigration reform movement are the children of Irish, Italian, Polish and Jewish immigrants.

They’re not against immigration per se. They’re against those who break our laws — those who come here for a handout, not a hand-up — those who insist they have a right to be here while waving the flag of their homeland.

Bully for the people of Tijuana. They’re making the same arguments of those everywhere who are proud of their nation, want to preserve and protect it, and refuse to be silent any longer.

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Don Feder is a former Boston Herald writer who is now a political/communications consultant. He also maintains his own website,

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