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Listen closely, liberals, progressives and socialists — you enemies of America. Do you hear that thundering roar in the distance? That’s the sound of American citizens and voters amassing against fraud president Barack Hussein Obama and the reckless, destructive and stupid Democrat policies and unfathomable corruption that you and he have inflicted upon the law-abiding people of our nation.

You and your colleagues have destroyed the foremost health care system in the world in an unambiguous effort to control the people by controlling their access to health care, for the express purpose of keeping yourselves perpetually in office. Of course, you exempted yourselves from Obamacare’s heavy regulatory burdens and oppressive mandates. You knowingly and willfully lied to us.

You created and prolonged the longest-running economic recession in the history of the United States. Instead of protecting national security as is your duty, you subjected American citizens to increasingly deadly terrorist attacks domestically and abroad, and you stole jobs from U.S. citizens in order to offer them to criminal aliens whose votes you ravenously covet.

You have confirmed nominees to the U.S. Supreme Court and federal circuit courts who have demonstrated nothing but contempt for the U.S. Constitution and in sheer and utter hubris, endorsed counterfeit same-sex marriage. You’ve celebrated “very grave sin” and called it “courageous” and condemned the brave military men and women who protected us all. Of integrity, virtue and honor, you have none.

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Your degenerate politicians and the imposter-in-chief have fomented racism in our city streets and, in public restrooms, you put our wives and children at risk of sexual assault by perverted deviants of every kind. You betrayed the public trust by heaping upon the nation an insurmountable national debt and defended the systematic slaughter and sale of pre-born baby parts by the misnamed agent of genocide, “Planned Parenthood.”

You allowed Obama-the-Fraudulent and his treasonous stooge John Kerry, to alienate our best allies in the Middle East and aid our enemies. You turned your backs on the growing threat of ISIS and fundamentalist Islam–that false religion of murder, hate and tyranny. You have attacked Christianity and attempted to steal our birthright and our Constitutional rights. We will not forget these offenses.

Working together with domestic instruments of Satan, you betrayed the citizens of the United States and sided with the left-wing lunatic fringe and the LGBTQ Beast. You and your friends in the NEA have turned our public schools into indoctrination centers for every sick and deviant form of sexual depravity. You have allowed the Department of Education and NEA to continue to fail America’s children by stripping away meaningful standards by which they can be measured. Our kids can’t spell or perform simple arithmetic and they know nothing of our history, but because of you, they now know all kinds of ways to exploit themselves and their friends, sexting and sending nude pictures of themselves to one another and strangers.

You failed to hold the IRS director Lois Lerner and the Attorney General Eric Holder accountable for their many blatant federal crimes. In blind obedience to the DNC, you refused to hold Hillary Clinton responsible for the deaths of U.S. Embassy officials in Benghazi and her many disgraceful violations of U.S. espionage laws, crimes for which any private citizen would be languishing in federal prison. You failed to protect military veterans, allowing hundreds to die while awaiting treatment in V.A. Medical Centers from coast to coast.

These things and many others have happened on your watch. Forget about blaming Republicans, they have most often capitulated to your evil and thoughtless policies and cooperated with your theft of taxpayer dollars in efforts to get along. But there’s a new day coming. The American people have had enough of Washington politicians who serve themselves at the expense of the people.

Sic Semper Tyrannis is not just the fate of English Monarchs; it’s the certain destiny of Washington tyrants as well.

As a military veteran and like millions of others, I swore an oath similar to your oaths of office. We each swore to protect and defend the United States and the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. The difference is that we kept our oaths, while you have not. You neglected your duties too many times to number and you have made yourselves enemies of the United States and the Constitution. You are unfit for any public office. Americans will no longer stand silently watching as your demonic political party destroys what we and our ancestors have built and risked our lives to protect.

This nation of ours was founded, focused and is sustained upon recognition of our personal and corporate dependence upon the One True Almighty and Creator God, and our future is secure in none other. We know who you are and whose you are. Our patience is exhausted. You have mistaken our goodness for foolishness, our meekness for weakness, our tolerance for acceptance of wickedness, and our kindness you have exploited far too long. Woe to you who celebrate the sinister and repudiate the righteous! This is your wake-up call.

“Let God arise and His enemies be scattered!”

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Timothy Buchanan
Timothy Buchanan is a US Navy veteran and the author of two published books, “The Threat from within: Denial of Truth” and “The Boobonic Plague.” He’s a former defense contractor, broadcast engineer, and he currently lives with his wife near the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia.

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