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The Kim Davis story has been on all the media, both in the United States and many places around the world. And some people, because they see so much about Kim Davis, they say she just wants to be a martyr. She is just doing this for the public information, just for the fanfare of this. She wants her time in the press.

Mat Staver: Matt…I hear these things where people say she just wants to be a martyr, or she’s not really a martyr, she just wants — even some people that support her say that she’s a hero. When I mentioned that to Kim Davis, that some people were saying that she wanted to be a martyr, and that some people, complimentary, said that she is a hero, she bristles at that. that’s the furthest thing from Kim Davis’ mind that you can imagine.

To understand who Kim Davis is you have to go back 4 1/2 years from today, when her life was radically transformed. And today she is just an obedient, humble, follower of Christ. she would rather not be in this situation. She would rather not have her name all over the media. That’s not who Kim Davis is.

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Matt Barber: Yea Mat…I’ve been calling Kim, she’s an accidental civil rights stalwart. she’s not trying to be heroic. she’s not trying to be a martyr. She has no interest in being a martyr. She doesn’t want to spend indefinite time in jail for her faithfulness to God and refusal to violate her conscience. 

But she is in fact…has become a civil rights stalwart. And she’ reluctant in doing so in that she doesn’t like all the spotlight and the limelight and all of this. She is merely trying to live out her life, and live out her faith. and in so doing THEY have martyred her, effectively.

Judge Bunning tried to make an example of her…

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