Media Ignores Mexicans Fighting to Stop Migrant Caravans

If you listened America’s mainstream media, you would think that the only people who oppose the migrant caravans heading to the USU border are ultra-conservative bigoted Republicans.

After all, aren’t we all immigrants or the descendants of immigrants, so shouldn’t America open its borders to everyone else?

The difference is, most of us either cam here legally or our ancestors came her legally, but Democrats want to allow anyone to enter the US, legally or illegally, without any vetting, background checking or means of support.

What the media isn’t telling everyone is that as part of one migrant caravan reached the border town of Tijuana, that they were met by angry Mexicans who were throwing rocks and shouting at them to go back.

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The Lid – ‘Get Out!’ Mexicans Fight Arriving Migrant Caravan In Tijuana – As the mainstream media continues to look down upon Americans who are concerned about the migrant caravan, most of the mainstream media is ignoring the reception the migrants are getting as they approach Mexico’s northern border. A group of “migrant caravan” illegals who made it to the Mexican border town of Tijuana were shocked when Mexican citizens gathered to throw rocks at them and scream that the illegals should turn around and go back to Central America.

As buses carrying hundreds of people representing the first wave of the migrant caravan reached Tijuana with the first wave of the migrant caravan residents began to shout Mexico, Mexico at the busses.

Per the Desert Sun, they had, “planned to spend Wednesday night in a makeshift camp by the Pacific Ocean, steps from the tall border fence that separates Mexico and the United States. But those plans shifted in the evening after local and state officials opened a temporary shelter – and about 300 local residents gathered by the encampment to demand the migrants leave the upscale Playas de Tijuana neighborhood and go to the facility”…

Some Mexicans did more than just shout and throw rocks at the caravan, they got physical, with shoving, kicking and even some blows were thrown.

It’s not just conservative Americans who oppose the migrant caravans but so do many Mexicans in Mexico.

I still contend that the 2nd Amendment gives the American people the right to take up arms and protect the border to prevent the invasion of our country.



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