Media Honors Maxine Waters with Leadership Award Reason Americans Don’t Trust Media Says Huckabee

Believe it or not, the mainstream media has honored the loudest racist in Congress with their National Leadership Award.

The award, given to Rep. Maxine Waters, is why most Americans no longer trust the media, according to former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee.

He tweeted, asking if she was given the award because of her call for violence in opposing Republicans, especially President Donald Trump.

Of late, Waters has described herself as an angry black woman who refuses to shut up and who is calling for the American people to resort to violence, if necessary, to stop Trump and other Republicans.

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(CNS News) – Former Arkansas governor and two-time Republican presidential primary candidate Mike Huckabee took to his Twitter page on Sunday, blasting the media for honoring California Democratic Representative Maxine Waters with the “National Leadership Award” and suggesting that this “might be” why “Americans don’t trust” the media.

“Memo to media: If you wonder why so many Americans don’t trust you, this might be a clue,” stated former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee in a tweet. “Did you give Maxine Waters her award because she called for public harassment of Republicans?”

Huckabee’s comments stem from a piece in The American Mirror that reportedon the National Newspaper Publishers Association’s decision to honor California Rep. Maxine Waters with the “National Leadership Award” on Friday. The American Mirror piece sites Diversity Inc. as its source for the information.

In accepting the leadership award, Maxine Waters noted her distaste for President Donald Trump, saying the following: …

Waters’ actions of late could be considered promoting anarchy and open rebellion, but only against Trump, Republicans and white people.

Some believe that Waters should be disciplined by House leadership for her attempts to incite violence, but, House leadership is too weak and afraid to take any action against her.

They are afraid that if they do, she will claim they are being racist, which would incite black activists around the nation to rise up even more than they have been.

Personally, I believe Waters is no longer mentally competent to hold pubic office, especially a federal office and that her actions are sufficient to have her removed from the House, permanently.



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