Media Hiding Truth and Twisting Facts on Accidental Gun Deaths, Says CDC

Over the past decade especially, the mainstream media has abandoned all decency and journalistic rules and ethics in their reporting of the truth of what is happening in America.

During the past couple of years, much of the coverage the mainstream media has given President Donald and conservative Republicans has been over 80% negative.

They regularly ignore the truth or they twist it in such a way to make it say something other than what is true.

A prime example is how they have been handling reports of accidental gun deaths.

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The CDC claims that the media has been manipulating the facts instead of reporting the truth.

The National Sentinel – CDC, media manipulating facts surrounding accidental gun deaths – While recent headlines might lead you to believe that accidental deaths from firearms are at an all-time high, the fact is they are at their lowest in decades — but unfortunately, the so-called “mainstream” media won’t report the truth.

As noted by the National Shooting Sports Foundation in a blog post on the group’s website, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is claiming that gun-related deaths in 2017 reached their highest level in the U.S. in 40 years.

As reported by Fox News:

In 2017, nearly 40,000 people were killed from gun-related incidents in the U.S., according to the data. By contrast, gun-related incidents accounted for less than 29,000 deaths in 1999…

I’ve noticed that many members of the mainstream media and even biased local media have no clue what they are really reporting, other than to regurgitate the erroneous rhetoric of the far-left.

How many times do you hear a reporter or news anchor refer to someone using an assault weapon in a shooting?

Assault weapons are already illegal in the United States.

What they are calling assault weapons are just semi-automatic weapons, some of which resemble the style of real assault weapons, but which are perfectly legal to own.

Due to their ignorance f the facts, they have been part of the reason some lawmakers, also ignorant, have been trying to pass legislation to ban all semi-automatic weapons.

Do you realize that nor only are many hunting rifles and shotguns semi-automatics, but the vast majority of handguns used for self-protection are also semi-automatics and subject to these ludicrous bans?

If you trust the mainstream media to report the truth, I have a gold mine and bridge to sell you.



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