Media & Democrats Ignored #MeToo Allegations Against Schumer Top Aide

For over a year, Democrats have used the #MeToo craze as a political tool to destroy the political careers of as many Republicans as possible.

They used it, falsely, to defeat former Judge Roy Moore  from winning the vacated Senate seat of Jeff Sessions.

Even though some of the allegations against Moore were proven to be false and the others were never proven to be true, the damage caused by the #MeToo allegations were enough to put a Democrat in the Senate seat long held by Republicans.

Last year, a top official in Sen. Chuck Schumer’s office suddenly resigned after allegations of inappropriate sex advances were made against him.

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Liberty Nation – Media Ignored Schumer Sex Scandal – Two months after the fact, the secret of top Schumer aide’s inappropriate sexual behavior finally is revealed.

It looks like there is trouble in the land of Schumer. Recently, it was reported that a top official in Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s (D-NY) office resigned in November over yet another #MeToo situation. Oddly enough, there were no news reports about the official’s sudden departure last year, which begs the question: Why now?

After all, had Schumer an “R” next to his name, would the press have waited this long to dig into the matter? It seems that whenever a prominent Republican engages in inappropriate sexual behavior, the media pounce on the opportunity to give the scandal wall-to-wall coverage. But in this case, they exhibited an alarming lack of curiosity.

Sex Scandal In Schumer’s Office

In November 2018, Matt House, who served as Schumer’s communications director, announced that he was stepping down after the midterm elections. His departure raised questions, given the fact that he was not moving to another position in a party that has a chance to retake the Senate in 2020. In an early February piece for the Huffington Post, journalist Yashar Ali revealed that House’s resignation was not voluntary; he was forced to step down for “allegedly having inappropriate sexual encounters with junior staffers.” …

You can be assured that if any member of the office and staff of any top Republican were accused of sexual misconduct, the media and Democrats would have been all over it like piranha on a wounded animal.

Yet, when it comes to a sex a scandal in the office of the top Democrat in the Senate, everyone seems to have developed a case of laryngitis.

Once again, we see the double standards of Democrats and the media.



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