Media Blaming Trump for Death of 7-Yr-Old Illegally Crossing New Mexico Desert with Father

For decades, illegal aliens have been crossing the border and traveling many miles on foot through the deserts of the Southwest.

Most make the desert trek safely, but there always some who don’t.

If you don’t know hat you are doing and are not prepared, the desert in summer and winter can easily kill you.

Numerous illegals have been found dead in the desert and some have been found dead inside trucks that were transporting them illegally into the US.

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In a recent case, an illegal alien dragged his 7-year-old daughter across the New Mexico desert, only to  have the girl die from dehydration and now the liberal mainstream media is blaming President Trump instead of the father.

Washington Examiner – A Guatemalan girl dies of dehydration after her father drags her through the New Mexico desert and the media immediately blames Trump – U.S. Customs and Border Protection take in a group of illegal immigrants wandering through the New Mexico desert into custody, and a 7-year-old girl whose father hadn’t given her food or water for days, begins to have seizures just eight hours after being detained, goes into cardiac arrest, and ultimately dies of dehydration and septic shock.

Do you blame the CBP, which worked to get the Guatemalan girl into a helicopter and to a hospital after she began having seizures? Or do you blame the father who dragged his daughter through the desert for several days?

This is the Trump era, so you know exactly who the media is blaming.

“7-year-old migrant girl taken into Border Patrol custody dies of dehydration, exhaustion,” reads the headline of a Washington Post article that Democrats from Rep. Beto O’Rourke of Texas to former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Joaquin Castro have shared and used to call for investigations into CBP.” …

Years ago, a fellow desert enthusiast was hiking through the Arizona desert with friends when they found the bodies of 4 people, one of which was a child.

The 4 people turned out to be illegal aliens from Mexico who died while breaking US federal immigration laws.

This was many years before Donald J. Trump ever considered running for president, so the fact that this recent case of the 7-year-old is no more Trump’s fault as were the deaths of those who  died doing the same thing years before Trump.



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