Media Blamed Trump for New Zealand Shootings and Now for Synagogue Shooting

Just over a month ago, two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand were attacked.

When the carnage was over 50 people were dead and another 50 were injured.

The sewagestream media here in America quickly took the opportunity to blame President Donald Trump for the shootings.

This past Saturday, there was a shooting at a synagogue in the San Diego area that left 1 dead and 3 wounded.

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While an online post attributed to the shooter showed that he was inspired by the New Zealand shootings, the same media once again began blaming Trump for this shooting.

Grabie News – MEDIA BLAME SYNAGOGUE ATTACK ON TRUMP: ‘BEARS SOME RESPONSIBILITY FOR IT ALL’ [MONTAGE] – As is becoming a customary practice following recent tragedies, the national media suggested today that President Trump bore responsibility for the mass shooting at a San Diego synagogue.

Many of these reporters and commentators pointed to President Trump recently defending his controversial Charlottesville comments. On MSNBC, contributor Eddie Glaude Jr., for example, said, “Remember, Donald Trump, just over the last couple of days had been defending what he was saying in Charlottesville, and it echoed, called back into our memory. Right? Something that happened not too long ago. What happened in Pittsburg. Donald Trump, and all of this hate that’s part of the environment of today and he bears some responsibility for it all.”

On CNN, Rick Wilson said Trump is “radicalizing” users of the 8chan web forum: “They’re out there, the same kind of radicalization is happening. It happens in part because there’s a climate set at the top of unbelievable, constant lies and hostility and division in this country, not only as policy, but with his affect.”

The Intercept’s Mehdi Hasan said Trump is providing the “mood music” that’s inspiring a white nationalist “epidemic.” …

The media blaming of Trump for the New Zealand and San Diego shootings is the same as blaming the Bible for some whacko who murders an abortion doctor.

Oh wait, the media did blame the Bible for that murder as well.

This makes as much sense as blaming Remington Arms for the actions of some crazy person who purchased one of their firearms – oh wait, they’re doing that also.

What about blaming General Motors for someone running over his wife during a bitter divorce or blaming Estwing for the hammer bludgeoning of someone.

The media and Democrats are great at blaming everyone EXCEPT the person who committed these heinous acts.



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