Maxine Waters Demands Invasion of Trump’s Privacy

When House Squeaker assigned her fellow Democrats to positions on committees and to chair committees, it seems she intentionally picked the wrong people for many of those positions.

For instance, placing a Muslim how hates Israel, Ilhan Omar, on the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.

Then she appointed Trump hating Jerry Nadler to chair the House Judiciary Committee.

She also assigned the self-professed angry black woman, Maxine Waters, to chair the House Financial Services Committee.

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Waters believes that being chair of the committee gives her absolute dictatorial powers and authority to violate the Constitution and privacy of President Donald Trump by demanding all of his business and personal financial records.

Wayne Dupree – Rep. Maxine Waters — I Want Info On FINANCIAL WORKINGS Of Trump’s Operation, PERSONAL And Business – Why do Democrats appoint people to chair essential committees based on race and political correctness instead of qualifications?

Of all the crooked people in the world to chair the House Financial Services Committee, Rep. Maxine Waters is relishing her time by abusing her powers.

So someone that supports the Socialist Democrats is running the Financial Services Committee. How? There’s very little understanding of how money works there. Even worse, she believes she has the right to see Trump’s tax returns, and she went on CNN to speak to Anderson Cooper about it.

“We want to know about personal and about company finances. We want to know who he owes money to. We want to know whether or not he had the kinds of assets that he claimed that he had in order to get money…”

Waters and other Democrats are so hypocritical that they have no clue what reality and fair play is.

Waters was among the many Democrats who supported Barack Obama when he refused to divulge personal records of his past, including his real birth certificate and Selective Service Card (if he ever had one).

There is nothing in the Constitution or federal law that requires President Trump to reveal his personal business or financial records.

Yet, Waters is demanding to have them all as if she and everyone else a right to invade his privacy when the privacy of Obama was so vehemently defended.



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