Mauricio Macri and Gender Ideology in Argentina

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Patricia Bullrich, National Security minister in Argentina, has appointed transsexual Mara Pérez Reynoso, leader in a homosexual group, as National Coordinator of Diversity.

Bullrich,who serves under the administration of President Mauricio Macri, aims to address gender and diversity issues as national security problems.

As soon as Macri won the presidential election last November, U.S. State Secretary John Kerry congratulated Macri, saying that the U.S. continues to be grateful for Argentina’s leadership at the United Nations on the advancement of homosexual issues, and looks forward to greater U.S.-Argentina cooperation to expand those issues.

The Macri administration is unlikely to disappoint the U.S. government’s wishes.

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Argentina lacks a Christian mindset to understand that the homosexual problem is profoundly destructive, since the times of Sodom.

Some Brazilian pro-life leaders had celebrated Macri’s victory. They, who fight gender ideology in Brazil, celebrated a man who is promoting this same ideology in Argentina. While they celebrate Macri, all leftist media in Latin America celebrate the first transsexual in a government post in Argentina.

Is Mauricio Macri, the new president of Argentina, conservative? I had not an answer to this question. So immediately after his election, I made contact with several Catholic pro-life leaders in Argentina. One of those contacts was Dr. Jorge Scala, author of the Brazilian book “IPPF: A Multinacional da Morte” (IPPF: The Multinational Company of Death).

My questions: The Brazilian media have been saying that the new Argentinian president is conservative. Please, could you confirm if he is really a pro-life and pro-family conservative? Has he fought abortion and homosexual “marriage”?

Answer from Dr. Jorge Scala, directly from Argentina:

The adjective “conservative” is very ambiguous. I do not know very well what meaning it could have in the U.S. Yet, I can give clear information about the elected Argentinian president in regard to abortion and homosexual unions. As the mayor of the City of Buenos Aires, Mauricio Macri promulgated a so called “non-punishable abortion protocol” legalizing abortion on demand to any women only with a signed sworn declaration that the pregnancy had been a product of rape. Evidently, he is not “pro-life.”

As to homosexual unions, Mayor Macri personally made the first homosexual civil union in the City of Buenos Aires, despite that in that time there was no legislation authorizing it. Evidently, he supports the gay lobby. Probably, the qualificative “conservative” is a reference to the fact that Mr. Macri is the son of a wealthy businessman and that he will have economic politics favoring capitalism.

Brazilian pro-life leaders should be careful. They were so excited about Macri that they wanted a Macri also in Brazil. They had thought that he was good just because he had defeated a socialist candidate supportive of gender ideology. What they do not understand is that left-wing activists and businessmen are not often necessarily enemies as far as gender ideology is concerned.

Gender ideology promotion is now a priority in the Macri administration.

There is no reason to celebrate this kind of administration.

Portuguese version of this article: Mauricio Macri e a ideologia de gênero na Argentina

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