Masters of Manipulation – How the Left Uses Language to Control Us – Left-Speak VIII

Words are the most powerful weapons in the world. They can inspire and enlighten us, or confuse and deceive us. In World War II, there was Churchill (who, it was said, “mobilized the English language and sent it to war”) and Goebbels, who perfected the art of propaganda to sell the Nazis’ master-race poison.

The left lives on clichés. Seemingly innocuous, all come with hidden assumptions that advance the collectivist/secularist mindset. This is the 8th installment in a series which analyzes and debunks many of the left’s favorite buzz words.

Patriarchy – Every ideology must have an adversary – for Marxism, it’s capitalists; for Islam, it’s infidels; for the Nazis, it was what they called International Jewry; for feminists, it’s the dreaded patriarchy.

The expression was much in use during the Kavanaugh confirmation, usually combined with white. (Apparently, males of color aren’t allowed in the club.) Feminist dogma holds that males collectively oppress women, and that if it weren’t for the “patriarchy” there would be complete equality between the sexes.

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Calling herself a “first-wave feminist,” author and academic Camille Paglia says the new feminism (which started in the 1960s with Betty Friedan) is based on “denigrating men” and “defining men as oppressors and tyrants through history.” If the patriarchy is real, we’re doing a damned poor job of it. There are currently more women than men in college. In 2017, women comprised 56% of college enrollments.

Feminists insist that all women think like them – or would, if not for patriarchal indoctrination. They’re sure that this is the only reason why some women choose to work at home, have children, or marry at all.

In the case of Brett Kavanaugh, it really got bizarre. Feminists believe most men don’t take accusations of rape and sexual assault seriously, because, for males, it’s no big deal – worse, that sexual violence is an instrument of male oppression.

Men have mothers, wives and daughters. We’re supposed to believe that they’re willing to put the women in their lives – women they love – in danger, because they just don’t care or to keep women in their place.

Feminists know even less about men than women.

Whiteness (AKA, White Male Privilege) – The left believes in racial equality, except for whites.

They tell us it’s wrong to ascribe certain characteristics to an entire race – except for whites. Remember the days, not that long ago, when liberals told us that race didn’t matter. (Martin Luther King said he dreamed that his children would one day live in a country “where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” Now we’re told that skin color is practically the only thing that matters.

Proponents of “whiteness” (who are mostly white leftists) claim that due to what they call the historic record of exploitation and discrimination, whites – all whites, whites anywhere and everywhere – are privileged. I wonder if the white man working at a convenience store for minimum wage – or the tired, middle-aged woman slaving at a fast-food joint – knows what a boon it was to be born white?

If anything, in contemporary America, whites are penalized for their race. There are quotas and set-asides in education and employment for blacks and Hispanics, but not for Asians and Caucasians. (For this purpose, apparently, Asians have been designated honorary Caucasians.)

This permeates politics and the culture. If candidates appealed to the “white vote,” they’d be called racist. Candidates who appeal to the African American vote are called savvy. There’s no White Entertainment Television or Miss White America contest.

Understandably, there are no racial quotas in the NFL or NBA.

Pitting the races against each other is a Marxist tactic – which tells you something about those who push notions like “whiteness.”

Diversity – Liberals insist that diversity is our greatest strength. Saying diversity is our greatest strength is like saying that disunity makes us stronger.

Apply this to illegal immigration. Is America stronger by having a growing portion of the population that doesn’t speak English, that feels no loyalty to this country, and that knows next to nothing about our history and heritage? If so, let’s abolish the Border Patrol and bring in more of them, so we can be even stronger.

Would a sports team be stronger if talent was only one consideration in picking players, that diversity was just as important? Would the New England Patriots have a better chance of winning the next Super Bowl, if the team was 77% white (their representation in the population)?

If you were having an operation on which your life depended, would you be more confident of the outcome if you knew the surgical team included blacks, Asians, Hispanics and Native Americans – or would skill and dedication count for more?

Appeals to diversity treat people not as individuals but as members of a collective – racial, ethnic or gender.

The only type of diversity that the left has no interest in is the only kind that actually matters – intellectual diversity. You’ll never hear them say: “We need more conservative college professors” or “We need more conservatives in the newsroom” – two professions dominated by the left. A 2016 study of 7,243 professors at 40 leading universities found that liberals outnumbered conservatives by better than 11 to 1. That’s why so many students enter college as conservatives and graduate as socialists. In academia, instead of a dialogue, there’s a megaphone.

But when the left jabbers about diversity making us stronger, they’re talking about skin-color, ethnicity and other irrelevant factors.

Abortion Rights – It’s said that more conservatives on the federal bench will threaten abortion rights. (I certainly hope so!) This means that conservative jurists might actually apply the Constitution, which contains no right to abortion – something created out of thin air in 1973 by an activist Supreme Court.

Abortion rights are based on a monumental lie – that the unborn child has no connection to humanity, even though it was conceived by two humans and has the complete genetic code of a human being from the moment of conception.

In the same way, in 1858, we could speak of slave owners’ rights. Then, slavery was the law of the land. In the Dred Scott case, the Supreme Court ruled that a slave wasn’t a person who had rights under the U.S. Constitution, but the property of his master. Even if taken to a free state, he remained property and could lawfully be repatriated. The Taney Court said a slave wasn’t human, just as the Warren Court denied the humanity of the unborn child, based not on science or logic but expediency.

Abortion rights are a construct of feminists and judicial activists which must be guarded carefully (shielded from scrutiny) – as they make no sense at all.

Divisive – The mainstream media is forever telling us that Trump is divisive – that instead of uniting Americans, he divides us.

Americans have rarely been united. The closest we’ve come was during World War II.

Name any controversial issue – abortion, illegal immigration, gay rights, guns – and you’ll find Americans deeply divided along party or ideological lines. Uniformity of opinion exists only in totalitarian states. There, the party tells you what to believe, and you’d better or else.

Without disagreement on fundamental issues, we’d have no need of elections. Members of Congress could be chosen by lottery, as their work would be confined to the mechanics of government.

In 2008, Obama promised to unite us. For 8 years, he ruled extra-constitutionally by executive order. At the end of his two terms in office, we were more divided than ever before.

Is Hillary Clinton uniting us by spending the past two years whining about Trump and the Republicans stealing the 2016 election – because she won the popular vote (irrelevant) and Russian influence was decisive (unproven).

When the former first lady said at least half of Trump supporters were a “basket of deplorables,” was that a compliment? How about former Vice President Joe Biden calling Trump voters “virulent people….the dregs of society”?

A party that spends much of its time bashing men, bashing whites, bashing Christians, bashing the rich and bashing conservatives condemns “divisiveness.” How quaint.

Opinion Surveys Show A Majority of Americans Believe (Fill in the Blank)– And this matters why?

Throughout the 2016 campaign, almost every opinion poll showed Trump losing the election. Remember the “narrow path to victory,” that the media talked about through most of election night?

By now it should be common knowledge: On controversial issues and personalities, some people will tell pollsters what they think they’re supposed to believe to qualify as good people.

Even when a poll is accurate, it’s no more than a snapshot of a moment in time. Today, a plurality of Americans say they don’t have confidence in Justice Kavanaugh. That will change over time, but, ultimately, who cares?

During the campaign, Trump repeatedly promised to appoint conservatives to the federal bench. Did voters not believe him?

In an August 2018 C-Span poll, 52% of likely voters couldn’t name a single Supreme Court justice. Should we give credence to the views of the pathetically ignorant? Does the fact that media coverage was stridently anti-Kavanaugh prejudice the results?

It’s trite but true, the only poll that counts is the one taken on Election Day, with ballots and voting booths.

Don Feder is a former Boston Herald writer who is now a political/communications consultant. He also maintains a Facebook page.

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Don Feder
Don Feder is a former Boston Herald writer who is now a political/communications consultant. He also maintains his own website,

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