How Schools are Pushing Transgenderism to Children

More radical and aggressive than ever

An excerpt from part III of the MassResistance report “‘LGBT’ Teachers Conference in Boston” (click here for part I and here and  for part II)

We are suddenly seeing more and more “transgender” children in schools across America. How is that happening? How do kids get these ideas, and why do they embrace them?

It doesn’t happen by accident. The homosexual-transgender movement is working hard to indoctrinate schoolchildren that “transgenderism” and cross-dressing are normal and just another way of becoming “who you really are.”

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This is the third part in our series on this year’s annual GLSEN Conference in Boston which brought together LGBT teachers, activists, and supportive administrators to outline their latest tactics for the schools. Part II revealed their plans to push “gay clubs” in middle schools.

But Massachusetts (along with California) has encted the most extreme legislation and regulations in the nation on this issue, forcing “transgenderism” into schools throughout the state. This is reflected in the GLSEN conference. Other states are certain to follow this path.

Training teachers & activists: Workshops on the transgender issue

As the Conference reflected, bringing the concept of “transgenderism” to schoolchildren is a high priority of the LGBT movement.

A teenage boy at a recent state-supported “Youth Pride” event in Boston.
[MassResistance photo]

Although most of the conference dealt with the transgender agenda in some way, three workshops had it in particular focus – showing it’s a top priority.

2.1 Supporting Transgender Youth in Schools
This workshop will serve as both a Trans* 101 and a resource for those looking for more knowledge about the rights of transgender students in schools.
Presenter(s): Ryan Ambuter, Paulo Freire Social Justice [sic!] Charter School

1.5 When a Teacher Makes a Gender Transition
We will share the successful experience of a faculty member’s gender transition at Milton Academy, K-12, as well as communications strategies, documents, and lessons learned.
Presenter(s): Marshall Carter & Sam Landau, Milton Academy

3.2 Queering the Classroom: Providing a Safe Learning Environment for All
Providing a safe environment for GLBTQ youth promotes a more comfortable, creative environment for all students. Resources and discussion will address your classroom needs.
Presenter(s): Marie Caradonna, WAGLY (West Suburban Alliance of GLBTQ Youth)

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Brian Camenker
Brian Camenker is president of the MassResistance. a pro-family organization that is on the front lines helping people confront the attacks on the family and Judeo-Christian values in society and the oppression of people of faith. Founded 20 years ago in Massachusetts, MassResistance has supporters and activists in all fifty states, Puerto Rico, and in over a dozen foreign countries around the world.

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