MassResistance Comes to California

Brian Camenker, the President of pro-family activist group MassResistance, is one of my best friends.

From my earlier days writing to the New England press, I learned about his bold pro-life and pro-family activism at Ground Zero for the destruction of marriage: Massachusetts. Only judicial tyranny could have forced such a travesty on this country, and it all started in the Bay State.

I wrote about all of this a month ago: “It’s Time for MassResistance.”

Earlier this year, Brian paid a visit to the Los Angeles area, to attend the funeral for a loved one. Who would have thought that another movement, born from MassResistance, would break forth here in liberal loony California, the Land of Fruits and Nuts (and very expensive eggs!)?

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We talked about the growing need for confrontational conservative activism. For too long, Republicans—elected or otherwise—have avoided the fights, refusing to face off and push back against the destructive illiberal agenda eating away at our nation’s values and individual liberties.

When I showed Brian a video of my activism with another incredible group—We the People Rising—he was really impressed. “You guys do stuff!”

And that’s what he has been seeking in his crusade against the Big Gay Hate Machine.

After our brief meeting in January, I mulled the idea of expanding the resistance here in California. After all, a majority of Californians in a Presidential year voted to maintain the true definition of marriage and amend the state constitution.

Lo and behold, I was not the first to seek the operations of pro-family activism expand across the country. Today, Virginia has a MassResistance affiliate, along with Maine. The pro-life, pro-family, and pro-liberty communion in our country needed a fire under its feet, a light not just to show the way, but to walk upon it.

For too long, conservatives have contented themselves with their built-in echo chamber. They love going to holiday parties, election forums, debates, blogs, websites. Lots of talk. Very little walk.

Barack Obama’s regressive political agenda has woken up concerned partisans. The best way to defeat these demonic Saul Alinsky acolytes is … to take the Rules for Radicals and turn them on the Enemy. We on the right have the principles. It’s time to fight for them. We can win the argument. Now we have to win the vote.

Before a grassroots fight, though, I supported the movement against the militant homosexual agenda in other states. I started making phone calls to Georgia and Mississippi to support individual liberty against the militant homosexual agenda. When Nathan Deal caved to left-wing LGBT pressure, I started asking other questions: “Why would a recently re-elected Republican governor in a deep red state cave to an anti-Christian, anti-liberty bully?

Big Business, from Coca-Cola to the NFL, imposed on the governor to reject protecting individual liberty. Brian and I discussed this disturbing down-turn of events. “We need to start targeting the corporations, the CEOs, not just individual lawmakers or governors.”

Disney was my first choice. They have increasingly turned up their support for gay marriage and other homosexual issues without hesitation. They even celebrate “gay days” at Disneyland! Isn’t it supposed to be a family-oriented theme park? Outrageous.

One person not going to the Magic Kingdom is not going to make a difference. More people refusing to attend Disney movies or visit the theme parks could impact the culture. Camenker wondered if that could work, though, since so many families on the East Coast plan on at least a Disney World venture in their lifetimes.

Then Target made itself a target.

The second largest retailer in the United States was already eroding the distinctions between male and female, first by opting out of a boys and a girls section for toys or furniture.

Then the CEO rolled out a “Transgender bathroom” policy. Shoppers could use bathrooms and fitting rooms according to their chosen gender identity, regardless of their biological sex.

Unreal. The moral insanity of the Obama Administration and the Regressive Left has flooded the retail industry. Transgenderism is not an identity, but a disorder. This new distinction is not a civil right, but a dysfunction to be resisted. Perverted men are already exploiting this destructive policy, to the avoidable hurt of women and children.

I meditated in my heart for about three weeks on whether to stage a protest at a Target store my home city of Torrance, CA. After seeking advice and support from fellow conservatives and concerned residents in the city, I set up an event page on Facebook (at least Zuckerberg has not been targeting this conservative!).

A few of my friends joined me on May 14th, 2016.

For two hours, we held our signs “Boycott Target” along with pictures of former transgender Walt Heyer and others. Three more Torrance residents showed up to stand with us. Some shoppers approached us to find out why we were protesting. One couple thanked us for being there, and declared that they would not shop at a Target until the policy was rescinded.

The Target security personnel arrived a number of times to prevent us from standing there. We refused to leave. An hour later, two Torrance police officers arrived. Instead of trying to intimidate or remove us, he affirmed our right to protest, then informed us that he would serve as a liaison between us and the store.

A little later, another private security guard arrived to try to get us to leave. We refused.

A few passersby mocked us and even shamed us. Two young bigoted girls attacked us verbally and tried to steal one of our signs. They ran away from us as we recorded their miscreance for the world to see.

Today, more residents in my hometown applauded our efforts, and other leaders are joining the fight.

California MassResistance is standing up to the militant homosexual agenda.

If you live in Southern California, please feel free to contact me! We welcome more people on the front lines for the fight!

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Arthur Schaper
Arthur Schaper is a blogger, writer, and commentator on topics both timeless and timely; political, cultural, and eternal. A life-long Southern California resident, Arthur currently lives in Torrance. Follow his blogs at The State of the Union and As He Is, So Are We Ministries.

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