Mass. Gubernatorial Candidate Rescues Woman Trapped in Overturned Car

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Dr. Scott Lively, a Massachusetts lawyer, pastor and Independent gubernatorial candidate in the Bay State, has reportedly rescued a woman from an overturned vehicle after a violent automobile accident. In a release today, Lively described the ordeal:

This morning I stopped at about 7:20 along St. James Boulevard to pick up a couple of church members for Bible Study at Holy Grounds Coffee House.  As we were standing next to my car chatting there was a horrendous crash on the other side of the fence and three loud crunching and slamming sounds in a row.

We all took off running and were first on the scene to a crumpled and overturned car.  The driver was hanging upside-down from her seat, held up by her seat-belt, and crying out in fear.  I was the first one to the car and was able to get the door only partly opened because the top (now upside-down) was scraping on the pavement.  Another man showed up and together we were able to get the door opened the rest of the way and get the woman free from the harness and seated on the ground next to the car..

The engine wasn’t smoking and it seemed there was no risk of fire so we told her not to move, pending the arrival of the police and emergency personnel.  Several people in the now growing crowd called 911.

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We tried to be a calming help to her and found out her name was Debbie.  I asked Debbie if she would let me pray for her and we thanked God the she had survived the crash without apparent serious injury (though we all know there could be unseen problems) and that her young child, whom she had just dropped off at school, was not in the car with her.

My church member Ellie, called Debbie’s husband on her cell phone and told him what had happened. While Ellie was doing that I checked with the other driver who seemed unharmed and tried to be reassuring to him as well.

A few moments later the police and a fire crew arrived and we left the scene to go to church after giving the police our contact information.

Please pray for Debbie and the other driver.

Lively has shaken things up in this year’s Massachusetts race for governor and shined during a recent televised debate.

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