Mass. Gubernatorial Candidate Challenges Rivals to Condemn DCF Refusal to Release Justina Pelletier

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Springfield, MA. — Dr. Scott Lively, the attorney and pastor running as an Independent candidate for Governor of Massachusetts today challenged his gubernatorial rivals to join him in condemnation of the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families’ outrageous abuse of power in the case of Justina Pelletier, held now for more than a year against her wishes and in blatant violation of the parental rights of her loving Mom and Dad.

“I am issuing a challenge to every candidate in the race for Massachusetts governor to join me in calling for the immediate release of Justina Pelletier to her parents,” said Lively. “I am further challenging them to agree, not only that the Pelletier care represents an abuse of power but that DCF should be subjected to a thorough and transparent review as to its practices and policies in relation to the issues of parental rights and family reunification.

“Sadly, there is often a need for government to intervene when families are in crisis,” added Lively. That is indisputable. However, the ultimate goal of every intervention should be the eventual reunification of the family whenever possible, and placement of children in crisis should always be with willing family members absent very strong justification for placing them with strangers. Even during family separation the wishes of the parents and/or close adult relatives should always be given priority over the wishes of state bureaucrats except when the health or safety of the child is clearly in question regarding the matter at issue.

“In my career as a family law attorney in California I witnessed many cases of abuse of power by government bureaucrats who delegated authority to themselves that they should not have and do not deserve. Though I am retired from law practice, I see the same problem here in Massachusetts. Often, there appears to be a financial motive for these agencies because a great deal of state and federal tax money changes hands during the care and custody transfer of children. There are many good judges and social workers, but there are also too many bad ones in the mix, often in key positions.

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“As a pastor in inner-city Springfield, I have comforted several families even in my own small congregation whose right have been trampled by DCF. One especially grievous case involved a grandmother who fought desperately for custody of her grandchildren who were instead given to lesbians. Indeed, it appears from anecdotal reports that DCF officials may be intentionally placing children with homosexuals in furtherance of a ‘gay’ political agenda. Only a thorough professional review of the agency will confirm whether these rumors are true. I pledge to conduct such a review if elected governor. To be clear, I am not alleging that LGBT activists are involved in the Pelletier case.”

Dr. Lively will lead a rally for Justina on Wednesday, April 2 from 2-5PM at State and Federal Streets in Springfield. Participants will hold signs and distribute flyers demanding Justina’s release. A team from a local church will be on hand to film the testimonies of people who have allegedly suffered abuse at the hands of DCF for broadcast on the Internet.  

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