Maryland Certifies Socialist Party for Elections

When I was a child, anyone in the United States that identified as a socialist, instantly became a social pariah and one who dared not show their face in public.

Then socialists got smart and infiltrated the Democratic Party, which led to the infiltration of public and higher education and the socialist brainwashing of millions of gullible Americans.

If read about the Russian Revolution of 1917 that ushered in the communist party, it all started with talking about labor unions and workers rights and quickly progressed from there.

Sound familiar? Yep, that’s what is happening today in America.

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Socialists got a boost when a socialist political party in Maryland that calls itself The Bread and Roses Party, turned in over 10,000 signatures, enough to get them officially certified as a bona fide political party that will appear on all future ballots.

Wayne Dupree – Maryland Certifies Socialist Party For Future Elections; Will Be On Ballot Box – I certainly welcome third parties, but why must these alternatives all sound so loopy?

During the next election and all future elections afterward, Marylanders will have another political party to choose from after they were certified last Thursday.

Jerome Segal, 76, is a failed candidate who went around the state and collected the required 10,194 signatures to have another choice on the ballot box come election time. Segal lost to Democrat Sen Ben Cardin who has had the seat for years.

The Bread and Roses Party, a self-identified socialist group, was certified Thursday by the Maryland Board of Elections after the board validated the required 10,000 voter signatures needed for certification…

Sen. Bernie Sanders admits to being a socialist, but in order to run for office as a US Senator or candidate for the White House, he had to register first as an Independent for the Senate races and then as a Democrat for the presidential race.

Today, many socialists run as Democrats, which makes sense since the vast majority of Democrat platforms are socialist.

The way social acceptance of socialism has been progressing, I would not be surprised to see in the near future, a serious socialist candidate for president that will give both Democrats and Republicans a good fight for the top office.



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