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It is said that “love” is all you need. That may be true for us mere mortals, but what about non-mortals? What about the comic superheroes that so many have grown up with and have, over the last several years, become big budget action movies – box office smashes?

It seems “diversity” is all they need.

I’m speaking of the DC Comics and Marvel franchises.

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Every few years it seems, they make another comics superhero into a box office sensation.

Not everyone is a hit, but there have been some big ones. Batman, Spiderman and Superman of DC fame and lately, Iron Man, Thor and Captain America have all translated well to the silver screen.

Now, normally when a company has several hit franchises, they do the safe thing and leave the main character(s) alone – they don’t radically change him or her.

Evidently, the “love” they received from the fans of these classic characters is not good enough for Marvel.

Marvel comics announced that the comic version (for now) of Captain America will now be a black guy, or starting in November. This comes on the heels of the announcement that Thor will now be a woman.

Evidently, in the comic version, Steve Rogers, Captain America, has begun aging to the point of being an ineffective superhero and passes the baton to his black crime-fighting partner, Sam Wilson – The Falcon.

Okay… I’ve got no problem with that. No one should, except for the reasoning behind it.

See, it’s not just a simple transition for the “Love” of the story. It seems Marvel has expressed a commitment to “diversity.”

The editor of Marvel comics, Alex Alonso, said the pages of Marvel comics would reflect the “real world.” He said, “No matter who you are, no matter where you’re from or what your religion or sexuality is, everyone deserves to feel like they can be a superhero.”

Oh brother!

How Thor becomes a woman… I do not know. Maybe he spends some time in the California penal system and insists on a taxpayer-funded sex change. I don’t care enough to find out. I don’t read comics, but I do enjoy the movies.

The New York Daily News reports that, “Marvel executive editor Tom Brevoort said Wilson’s move to become Captain America ‘shouldn’t be seen as revolutionary. It’s about time. In 2014, this should be a thing that we shrug off….'”

And it would be, save for the motivation of “diversity” for diversity sake – and no other reason.

After the changes were announced, comments on Marvel’s Facebook fan page were not wholly positive – they didn’t “love” the idea. Some did not appreciate the changes to their childhood heroes.

Will Stan Lee, creator of the Marvel series and who always makes an appearance in every movie, say regarding Captain America…, “I thought he was whiter.”

Personally, I don’t care what Marvel does. They can do what they want up until they announce that Iron Man is now transgendered.

“I am Iron Man… Woman… Confused!”

The Common Constitutionalist is a Constitutional Conservative who advocates for first principles, Founders’ original intent.  An enemy of progressives, he is publisher of the Common Constitutional blog.  He also is a contributing writer for Political Outcast, Godfather Politics, Minute Men News (Liberty Alliance) and Free Republic. 

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