Married with Children? You Are Probably Better Off Financially

Married people with children generally do better financially than other Americans, according to data released by the U.S. Census Bureau.

The overall median household income last year was a little over $53,000, but married couples with children had a median income of almost $88,000.

Terry Jeffrey, editor-in-chief of, is asking why Americans who maintain traditional families generally do so well compared to other Americans?

“These married couple families with kids… are not driven by greed, they’re driven by love,” Jeffrey said. “Mothers and fathers that stay together, the traditional family, are dedicated. They love their children.”

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“Sometimes they’re staying in jobs they don’t like,” he continued. “They’re working harder than they would maybe otherwise, because they want to provide housing, they want to provide food, they want to provide an education to their spouse and to their children.”

“I think they have an incentive. Ironically, it’s not the pursuit of money that causes them to end up in the end having more money. It’s the pursuit of doing right by their families and living up to their responsibilities,” he added.

Report via CBN News

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