Marriage Under Attack

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Marriage as the union of a man and woman is part of a natural created order. It’s an objective reality. And it is the cornerstone of our existence; it is the cornerstone of every civilized society. It is that which is under attack.

Mat Staver: Matt, this issue of same sex marriage is really an oxymoron that has been recently on, as the Pope even said, “A passing fad,” that’s I believe his words if I’m correct, that this particular issue is new within millennia of history. And some people say, are we on the wrong side of history? No. We’re on the right side of history. Just because people’s opinions temporarily change, doesn’t mean that reality changes with it.

Matt Barber: That’s right…at the recent 2015 senate for marriage and the family, I believe it’s called, the Pope said that God’s plan for creation, he said, “Fulfilled in the loving union between a man and a woman rejoicing in their shared journey,” he said…he exhorted the faithful to overcome, “…every form of individualism and legalism that conceals a fear of accepting the true meaning of a couple and human sexuality.”

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He reminded everyone that the traditional family, the Catholic church still holds firm to that reality. He said, “The Church’s mission [referring to so-called same-sex marriage and attempts to redefine marriage] should not be swayed by passing fads or popular opinions.”

I agree with the Pope there. But I Would say it’s not so much a passing fad, same-sex marriage, as it is a passing fraud.

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