Manifesto of New Zealand Shooter Wishes Civil War in US

In a world rampant with Godlessness, it is not surprising to find extremists on the left, right, middle and everywhere else.

While we are sadly getting used to hearing about leftist and Islamic extremists, we also need to be aware that there are also those on the far right who have tipped over into the insanity of extremism.

Such is the case with one of the shooters who carried out the savage attack on mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand.

That particular shooter left behind a manifesto, that not only describes his white supremacist extremism, but which also declared that conservatism is dead and that he hopes the United States is torn apart by a civil war.

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Breitbart – New Zealand Shooter Hopes for U.S. Civil War: ‘Conservatism Is Dead, Thank God’ – The New Zealand shooter’s manifesto, which will not be linked to here, is a mix of avowed white supremacist sentiment and suggested tactics to fellow extremists — including his declared intention to exploit racial, cultural, and political divisions in the U.S.

According to his manifesto, the shooter — who massacred civilians at two mosques in New Zealand’s city of Christchurch — appears to subscribe to a number of ideologies. The document is riddled with white nationalist talking points, and the shooter describes himself as a “fascist.” He also castigates Muslims as “the most despised group of invaders in the west.”

Yet elsewhere in the document, the shooter describes himself as a socialist, “depending on the definition.” The shooter also declares his support for “environmentalism,” “worker’s rights,” and “responsible markets.” …

What makes this whacko’s manifesto so important and dangerous is that there are white supremacist extremists here in the United States who could be inspired by it and then take action to try to make the wish of civil war come true.

From what we’ve seen in the world over the past decade or so is that liberalism begets liberalism, crazy begets crazy and extremism begets extremism.

While churches, synagogues and mosques have all been victims of senseless attacks, it shows that there is a strong need to have armed worshippers or security at every place of worship.

After all, the best defense is a strong offense.



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