Making Christians in America Criminals – Philip Zodhiates – Part I

While most of you were being dazzled with Christmas lights, the hustle bustle of shopping, tree decorating, home parties with spreads of food fit for a king, church pageants and musical performances of the season, a Bible-believing Christian had to report to federal prison in America.

Philip enters prison. Kathie, his wife, walks him to the gate.

On December 5th Virginia businessman and philanthropist, Philip Zodhiates, became the third American incarcerated for “exercising” his Christian faith. You have probably heard about the “Baker Case” in Colorado, the “Florist Case” in Washington state and the “Fire Chief Case” in Atlanta, but have you heard about the “Lisa Miller Case” in Virginia?

If you do know something about the Lisa Miller Case, and it came from the biased mainstream media, what you know is false. Making Christians in America Criminals will be a series of articles unmasking the lies of the Lisa Miller Case and the live drama unfolding in this nation with real people becoming criminals because they follow the Bible.

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Making Christians in America Criminals, Part I introduces Zodhiates, the most recent casualty of a crooked judicial system bound and determined to set a precedent for the entire nation. The precedent is making Christians criminals in America if their Christianity does not bow down to the GLBT agenda. One could call it the equivalent of Roe v Wade, but in the sexual orientation epidemic plaguing America.

Philip Zodhiates is a man known for his charitable acts. Upon hearing that Lisa Miller’s daughter was being sexually and emotionally abused, he gave “born again” single mom Lisa Miller and her daughter a ride from Virginia to New York and a few dollars.

Zodhiates, the president of Response Unlimited, which helps conservative organizations raise money for their causes, is now in federal prison in Ashland, Kentucky. He is now serving two three-year sentences, concurrently, for alleged international parental kidnapping.

The courts were biased towards “born again” believer and former lesbian, Lisa Miller, in the Lisa Miller Case. Their anti-Christian crusade towards Zodhiates and others associated with Lisa Miller has continued for fourteen years.

Zodhiates broke no laws in helping Lisa Miller and her biological daughter, Isabella. The 2004 ruling by a Virginia Court making Lisa Miller the sole parent of Isabella was still in effect.  Lisa still had full custody of her daughter, and she and Isabella possessed legal passports when they left the country. There were absolutely no travel restrictions when Zodhiates gave Lisa and Isabella the ride and some travel money.

His hearing was judicially manipulated in order to achieve the desired results. The goal of federal prosecutors was to find Zodhiates guilty. The Obama administration had already targeted Zodhiates because of his business.

At the onset of the trial with jury selection, it was clear where his case was headed. The government and the court worked diligently to prevent any person from being selected to the jury who indicated they attended church or were in involved in conservative or Republican politics. Those who were educated, involved in missions or charitable causes were also excluded from jury duty. Zodhiates was definitely tried by a jury who were Not his peers!

The government disallowed character witnesses on his behalf. Examples of his impeccable character would have overwhelmed the court and tipped the jury towards a not guilty verdict, which the government could not chance.

Throughout Zodhiates’ trial all evidence was excluded about the sexual abuse Isabella was experiencing, which was the root of why Zodhiates ever became involved in Lisa and Isabella’s life.

So, what’s next for Philip?

On January 4th, U.S. Supreme Court held a Conference on giving a stay on Philip Zodhiate’s sentence while his legal team prepares application to Appeal the case before the U.S. Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has rejected the request; therefore, Zodhiates will remain in prison while an Appeal to the Supreme Court to take the case is made.

There is an ongoing effort to reach President Trump with the truth about the Lisa Miller Case and the hidden criminalization of American Christians. This case has been going on for fourteen years and has resulted in the incarceration of three American Christians; a born-again Christian mother and her daughter living in exile from America; and a lawsuit against a host of Christians and Christian organizations that stand for the Biblical truth on homosexuality.

To help Philip and Kathie Zodhiates, contact the author of this article.



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Linda Wall is a former lesbian, delivered from homosexuality by the power of the Living Jesus Christ. She has worked for the Virginia General Assembly, lobbied for traditional values and ran for the Virginia House of Delegates.She is founder and CEO of Virginia Mass Resistance, a Judeo-Christian group whose mission is to resist the forces behind the lgbt movement threatening the Judeo-Christian values of America. She is available to share her testimony with church groups.
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