Majority of Voters Want Special Prosecutor for DOJ Crimes Against Trump

Over the weekend, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was interviewed on 60 Minutes.

The interview has been described as bizarre by some as McCabe basically admitted to being part of a treasonous plot against President Donald Trump, but then danced around to avoid answering other questions.

Since the FBI is a division of the Department of Justice, what McCabe has revealed over the past week involves not only the FBI but others in the DOJ.

Since McCabe has made his treasonous confession, a poll shows that the majority of likely voters say they favor the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate the DOJ for their alleged treasonous crimes against President Trump.

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People’s Pundit Daily – Most Voters Say DOJ Likely Committed Crime Against Trump, Want Special Prosecutor – On Sunday, CBS “60 Minutes” aired an interview with Andrew McCabe, in which the former FBI deputy director admitted to a plan to remove Donald J. Trump as President of the United States.

Now, more voters than ever think it is likely a crime was committed against President Trump, and want a special prosecutor to investigate the investigators.

Fifty-six percent (56%) of likely voters believe senior officials at the Justice Department (DOJ) likely broke the law planning to oust the president, including 36% who say it is very likely and another 20% who say it is at least somewhat likely.

Rasmussen Reports has tracked public opinion surrounding the genesis of the investigation into President Trump, which led Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointing Special Counsel Robert Mueller…

The coup attempt to oust Trump was centered around misusing the 25th Amendment, as some Democrats, like Elizabeth Warren are still wanting to use to try to oust Trump.

The 25th Amendment was only meant to resolve questions if the President or Vice President are incapable of performing their duties in the event of an assassination attempt or some other medical occurrence.

It was passed in response to the assassination of President John Kennedy and the first reported wounding of Vice President Lyndon Johnson (it was later revealed that Johnson had not been wounded).

There is no provision in the 25th Amendment to allow for political opposition to remove a president for what amounts to purely political reasons, but that doesn’t seem to be a problem to the treasonous and anti-American politicians walking through Washington DC.



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