We wanted to give you a full update on where we stand at the moment. It’s been 30 days since we started this project to build the wall ourselves and we have made incredible progress to begin building the wall that will supplement President Trump’s wall. We are very proud to be working with the President and to have his blessing on our project!

Our team has been identifying zones along the Southern Border that are known to be high-traffic areas for illegal crossings and smuggling operations. We are presently working with US Customs and Border Patrol experts and other US Border Security Service professionals who are highly experienced in these matters. We are beginning extensive due diligence and the commencement of feasibility studies and will be engaging leading experts in a variety of fields necessary to construct our Border Wall. These professionals will continue to provide us with critical guidance on the legal, engineering, contracting, environmental, accounting, maintenance, and real estate issues required to build a Wall along the Southern Border. I’ve been getting a lot of questions asked about the project which is why we setup a website FAQ, please visit it after reading this.

(Left) Kris Kobach and Brian Kolfage in Arizona driving to meet with landowners along the border. (Right) The We Build The Wall team in TX meeting with MAGAL, who built the Israeli wall.

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We believe we can build segments of the US Southern Border wall for approximately half of what the Federal Government’s currently estimates. We will build the Wall mile-by-mile in strategic locations based on a variety of factors. We will build as much wall as we can based on feasibility, land use, and funding.

Me and our team have been out to Arizona, New Mexico, California and Texas multiple times meeting with landowners and state/local officials, it’s going great and the communities are supporting us! With that said I’m excited to announce that we have identified a minimum of 7 pieces of land in these border states to begin building on, and I am flying to meet with landowners this week to commence our first big land agreement which will allow us to begin the process to build. IT’S HAPPENING!

Brian Kolfage conducting site visits across the southern border.

This process includes many items such as land surveying, applying for permits for construction, and all site impact studies. Typically, this process does not take too long and when its complete we will then be moving dirt and breaking ground with the first ever section of the ‘People’s Wall’… EXCITING!

We are launching our volunteer database in the next day or two on our website so please check in on that later. Also we are pleased to announce our chairman of We Build The Wall Inc. as Steve Bannon, yes, Steve Bannon who was the mastermind behind Trump being elected. He’s now on our team and will fast track this project

This will go down in history as the people rising up to get the job done when politicians have failed them. We’re going to do this the old fashion way, rolling up our sleeves, getting dirty, and doing work! Showing America the can do attitude that this country needs again.

I’ve learned a lot along this journey, and the one thing these landowners all tell me is that they live in fear 24/7. They also feel neglected by the federal government for failing them for the past 30+ years. Property values have plummeted and crime has skyrocketed in these communities. And this is not acceptable, this is not the country I vowed to protect, this is not how we treat our citizens. It’s time we begin protecting our citizens and standing up to these cartels. Mexico has a nasty cancer, its bad, and its spreading into America. The corruption is already setting in, and that cancer is growing rapidly into the heart of our nation.

You won’t hear this on the Lamestream media:

‘We The People’ will build the wall!

IMPORTANT NOTE: if you donated BEFORE Jan 11, 2019 you need to opt-in by signing at this gofundme link- click here 

As seen here at We Build The Wall. Posted here with permission.

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