Major Study Shows Greater Risk in Same-Sex Couples Committing Suicide

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The major study regarding married couples in Sweden shows that there is a greater risk in same-sex couples committing suicide.

Mat Staver: This new study, and it was recently published in the European Journal of Epidemiology. It is a study that is done in Sweden and Denmark. And it looks at these issues of marriage of people of the same sex and people of the opposite sex. And it relates their incidence of suicide rates between same-sex and opposite-sex couples.

Now Matt, as you know, this particular study being conducted in the Netherlands, and in Sweden and the Denmark area is very significant because it ultimately goes against the opposition’s reasons that they might come up with the suicide, which would be “Well it’s due to the societal stigma that is placed on them. It’s the stigma of the society and we need to change the stigma of the society. That cannot be said when this study is done in a pro-LGBT, same-sex society such as Sweden and the Netherlands.

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