Major Clinton Donors Indicted for Fraud & Violating US Sanctions on Iran

There is no secret that Barack Obama catered to Muslims both here in the United States and abroad while at the time waging his war on Christianity.

The number of Muslims allowed in the United States under Obama skyrocketed while he wasted tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars trying to deport one German family solely because they were Christian and wanted to homeschool their kids which is illegal in Germany.

This also helps account why the vast majority of Muslims in the United States support Democrats.

Such has been the case of Abdul Huda Farouki and his family who has donated over $320,000 to various Democrats over the past 20 or so years, including more than $13,000 to the Clinton campaigns.

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The family and the business they own, have been indicted for lying to the US military in order to obtain a multi-billion-dollar contract and for violating the sanctions that America has placed on Iran.

The Epoch Times – Major Democrat, Clinton Donor Indicted for Fraud, Violating Iran Sanctions – Three executives connected to a defense contractor were charged for allegedly defrauding the United States military and for breaking U.S. sanctions on Iran. One of them was a significant contributor to the Democratic party, former State Secretary Hillary Clinton, and former President Bill Clinton.

The contractor, the Dubai-based Anham corporation, lied to the military in order to get an $8 billion 10-year contract in 2012 to supply food for U.S. troops in Afghanistan. It also had materials and equipment shipped through Iran—in violation of U.S. sanctions—to cut costs, the prosecutors said.

One of the defendants, former Anham chief executive Abdul Huda Farouki, is a prominent Democratic donor. He and his wife Samia gave the party and its candidates over $320,000 since the 1990s, including over $13,000 to the various campaigns of the Clintons, according to Farouki was also a member of the Clinton Global Initiative project

A term for the receiving the military contract was to have large warehouses in Afghanistan that were capable of storing large amounts of food.

However, according to the indictment, the company only put on a façade of constructing the warehouses, thus lying to the military in order to obtain the contact, which amounts to fraud.

Then when they finally did decide to begin construction for real, they shipped or transported major parts of the warehouses and equipment, through Iran, in violation of the sanctions.

This is just another demonstration of how so many Democrats, from Obama and down, and their supporters care little to nothing about America’s laws.



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