The Love of Hate: Homosexual Martyrdom Complex

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It’s becoming increasingly obvious that there are large numbers of homosexuals who have a neurotic need to be the targets of “hate crimes,” and they are willing to fake them in order to achieve the exalted victim status. This sort of fraud foments homosexual hysteria, creates divisive tensions, and smears innocent people or groups. Extremist movements do such things, though, to add fuel to the fire of their ire and to infuse energy into the engine of their enmity-filled efforts. In the disturbed worldview of homofascism, the extremist “end” always justifies the deceptive “means.”

Ultimately, the incidents of hatred against homosexual are so extremely rare that they have to make them up. Resourceful homosexual activists aren’t content to just wait around hoping for discriminatory acts to occur. Instead, they take matters into their own hands and fabricate scams to help perpetuate their anti-Christian bigotry. And a complicit meanstream media, in their predictable sycophantic obsession with everything homosexual, is more than willing to impulsively and profusely exploit all such hoaxes for their Leftist political purposes. Only afterwards, in rare instances, do they engage in the perfunctory investigative work, which should have been conducted in the first place, knowing full well that most people will never read or hear about the retraction or follow-up story that sets the record straight (pun intended). That’s because the newly discovered facts will be scarcely murmured on only a handful of media outlets.

The following stories of fake hate reveal the depths to which some homosexuals are willing to sink for the cause of normalizing sexual deviancy.

Dayna Morales: Lesbian Tall Tip Tale

The lesbian waitress, Dayna Morales, a former Marine and server at Gallop Asian Bistro in Bridgewater, NJ, posted a photo on the LGBT Facebook blog “Have A Gay Day” in early November 2013, showing a receipt with a line written through the space provided for the gratuity. Instead of a tip, the receipt supposedly had the following note written on it: “I’m sorry but I cannot tip because I do not agree with your lifestyle.” The story quickly went viral, and Morales received about $3,000 in donations from kind and sympathetic individuals all around the world, which she promised to donate to the Wounded Warrior Project, a veteran’s program dedicated to assisting injured military personnel. 

However, as NBC-4 in New York reported, the story turned out to be a complete hoax. The family to whom the receipt belonged were contacted, and they provided the station with their receipt (with the same date and time stamp) and credit card statement as proof. The original receipt showed that they actually left Morales an $18 tip. The Visa bill also proved that they were charged $111.55 for the meal, as opposed to the $93.55 seen on Morales’ Facebook post.

The Wounded Warrior Project also had no record of any contributions from Morales. When confronted about her malicious prank, Morales stuck to her story, saying, “I don’t know, all I know is what I’ve been saying.” The manager at Gallop Asian Bistro in Bridgewater, N.J., initially sided with Morales, but refused to produce a copy of the merchant receipt for WNBC-4. The manager also failed to explain the couples’ credit card statement.

In case there are still any doubts about Morales’ lack of honesty, an investigative report revealed that she has a long history of deceptively fabricating similar, and even more elaborate, hoaxes about herself. For example, over the years, Morales has lied to family, friends, and co-workers about numerous things including:1.)Surviving brain cancer;  2.) Having a boat crash through her living room wall during Hurricane Sandy; 3.) Serving in Afghanistan and surviving an explosion that killed her entire platoon (leaving her as the sole survivor); and 4.) Becoming pregnant when she was raped by her dad (when no child appeared, Morales said that cervical cancer had infected and killed the baby). And every single one of these outrageous claims have been proven to be patently false. Apparently, Morales is a pathological liar. Morales was also discharged from the Reserve Corps in May 2013 under conditions other than honorable for failing to attend mandatory drills. Finally, after much pressure, complaints, and criticism from her co-workers, her employer eventually suspended her pending an internal investigation.

Sarah Bray: Battery and Hospital Visitation Hoax

In Indianapolis, Indiana, Sarah Bray, 34, and Jennifer Clemmer, 28, were live-in lesbian partners. After a six month relationship, the pair planned to get “married” in Iowa. Clemmer had also decided to adopt Bray’s children. In November 2013, however, Clemmer supposedly attempted to commit suicide. Sarah Bray brought her to Franciscan St. Francis Health-Indianapolis for treatment. While Clemmer was a patient, Bray claimed that the hospital denied her visitation because of her homosexuality.

Sarah Bray immediately sought out every available news outlet and charged the hospital with discrimination. USA Today, Fox 59, the Indianapolis Star and numerous other media outlets dutifully ran with the story. The hospital released a statement denying that they had barred Bray from visiting Clemmer. When Clemmer finally regained conscious a few days later, Bray was arrested and charged with battery and criminal confinement. As it turns out, Sarah Bray had actually brutally beaten Clemmer, necessitating her trip to the hospital.

Aimee Whitchurch and Christel Conklin: Case of Phony Vandalism

On November 1, 2011, a Parker, Colorado Lesbian pair, Aimee Whitchurch, 37, and Christel Conklin, 29, called police and reported that the message, “Kill The Gay,” was spray-painted on their garage door along with a bulls-eye on their front door. The following night, they also reported finding a noose at the front door. Finally, they claimed that someone left dog feces and keyed their car.

The FBI joined forces with the local police to solve the crime. An outraged Anti-Defamation League was not happy when the answers came. The evidence pointed to Whitchurch and Conklin as the real perpetrators. At first, they denied everything and tried to pin the blame on a person who had been staying with them. They both eventually pleaded guilty to false reporting.

Charlie Rogers: Phantom Christian Home Invaders

On an evening in July 2013, three men wearing ski masks supposedly broke into the Lincoln, Nebraska home of lesbian Charlie Rogers, 33. They painted homosexual epithets on the walls inside her home, carved obscene names on her body and sliced a cross into her chest. Bloody, naked, and battered, Rogers escaped to her neighbor’s house. Rallies were organized, and candlelight vigils were assembled.

As it turned out, however, Charlie Rogers is a lesbian with a strange sadomasochistic obsession for calling the police on phantom attackers after mutilating her own body. Many in the media were willingly duped by her fraudulent story. For her lies, Rogers found herself in jail for a brief period.

Joseph Baken: Somersault Assault

Joseph Baken went to the Missoula Club (Montana) on a Saturday night in August of 2012 to celebrate his 22nd birthday. While there, he announced that he was “gay” and asked for directions to a “gay bar.” Three hours later, he was calling the police at 4:30 a.m., claiming to have been lured outside by a man who offered him a cigarette. Once outside the bar, three men allegedly jumped him and beat him while calling him a “fa**ot.”

Pictures of Baken’s badly injured face appeared on Wipe Out Homophobia’s Facebook page, and it rapidly generated half a million “likes.” However, cellphone video footage later surfaced that showed Bakken doing a faceplant after a failed attempt at a back flip. Joseph Baken eventually admitted to his hoax and was charged with filing a false report.

Vassar College: Transgender’s Revenge

During the 2013 fall semester, Vassar College, the liberal arts school in Poughkeepsie, New York, saw a curiously high number of bias incident reports. On Nov. 14, the college sent a mass email to students advising them that the Bias Incident Response Team (BIRT) had received at least six reports in the previous few months of hateful and insensitive messages being scrawled and spray painted on student residences. Messages included “Avoid Being B**ches,” “F**k Ni**rs,” and most prominently, “Hey Tranny. Know Your Place.” Predictably, the college reacted with grave outrage.

The perpetrators turned out to be two students who exploited the eagerness of gullible liberals to believe that the “demon” of hate is lurking behind every door. One of them was identified as a “transgendered” student named Genesis Hernandez, who was a vice president of the Vassar Student Association (VSA), and quite ironically, a student member of the Bias Incident Response Team. 

Alexandra Pennell: Hate Notes to Herself

Alexandra Pennell, 19, claimed that a series of anti-“gay” notes had been slid under her dorm room door at Central Connecticut State University in July of 2012. As a result, a campus “Solidarity Rally” drew hundreds of students to support Pennell. She instantly gained a tremendous amount of sympathy from the campus community.

Determined to catch the perpetrator in the act, the campus police set up a hidden camera. The notes continued to arrive under Alexandra’s door, but the camera was mysteriously disabled before anyone could be caught. The campus police then told Pennell that they had to take the camera to be repaired. They secretly replaced the first camera with a second one and soon caught Alexandra Pennell in the act of sliding hate notes under her own door. Subsequently charged with several felonies, she was barred from the campus for five years.

Quinn Matney: Taste of Hell    

Homosexual freshman, Quinn Richardson Matney, 19, of Asheville was sitting outside on UNC, Chapel Hill’s campus minding his own business in April, 2011, when a man supposedly walked up to him and called him a “f**king f*g.” The assailant then said “here is a taste of hell,” and branded his arm with a hot metal object.

Chancellor Holden Thorp pledged that the university would “bring the strongest possible charges against the attacker.” However, when it was revealed that the attacker was none other than the homosexual “victim” himself, Matney basically received a slap on the wrist by being required to attend counseling. The LGBTQ  students were even able to coerce a ridiculous apology from the Vice Chancellor for not responding more quickly to this phony hate crime.

Paul Marquardt: False Memories

Paul Marquardt, 23, was a senior at Minnesota State University, Moorhead in 2007 when he claimed to have been attacked by four men who shouted homosexual slurs at him and knocked him unconscious. Initially, he claimed to be unable to recall what had happened. Then, as Paul was sitting in class, it suddenly all came back to him. However, inconsistencies began to quickly emerge in Marquardt’s story. The more he spoke, the more his story changed.

A rally was organized as a result of the attack, but the radical opportunists were sorely disappointed when Marquardt finally had to admit that no hate crime had actually taken place. The rally was reluctantly cancelled.

Oberlin College: Hotbed of Hate Hoaxes

“Progressive” pranksters at Oberlin College were eventually unmasked as the ones behind a series of campus “hate crimes.” In March of 2013, the Associated Press, The New York Times, MSNBC, Yahoo News and the Huffington Post were all among the media outlets that trumpeted the story of supposed racism, homophobia and anti-Semitism. Throughout the winter, anti-black and anti-“gay” graffiti, including swastikas, kept popping up all across the small liberal campus, which is located just outside of Cleveland, Ohio. A shadowy figure wearing a “KKK hood” was also reportedly sighted by students. A note found at the Multicultural Resource Center referred to the facility as the “Ni**er + Fa**ot Center.”  

Of course, the Oberlin College administrators should have been somewhat suspicious due to another hate crime hoax back in the 1990s. At that time, Asian-American students claimed that a bigot had spray-painted anti-Asian racial epithets on a campus landmark rock. However, a warped Asian-American student turned out to be the actual culprit behind the prank.

Nevertheless, without missing a beat in this latest “hate” crime wave, the administration decided to shut down classes for a day and conduct a “Day of Solidarity.” Much to the consternation of the grievance mongers, two students soon fessed up to the incidents. The Oberlin Police Department identified the hoaxers as Dylan Bleier (a student worker for President Obama’s Organizing for Action and a member of the Oberlin College Democrats) and Matthew Alden. Investigators “caught them red-handed” trying to circulate anti-Muslim fliers, and a search of Bleier’s email activity quickly confirmed that he had utilized a fake account to harass a female student. When the police informed Oberlin President Marvin Krislov, he failed to pursue any criminal action. The two students were removed from campus, but shockingly Pres. Krislov kept silent about this new information while the hate hullabaloo raged on. And despite these revelations, the shutdown of academic classes proceeded as originally scheduled.

The spring edition of the Oberlin College alumni magazine included an article by Pres. Krislov entitled “A Fitting Response.”In the essay, instead of confronting the heinous nature of hate hoaxes, Krislov stated that “similar things have occurred at other colleges.” (Which, of course, is true since American college campuses have become popular places for hate-mongering hoaxes.) Krislov also commended “students, faculty, staff, alumni and fellow Oberlin residents” who “turned hate into an opportunity to educate.” Yet, “hate” had nothing at all to do with what occurred at Oberlin College. In other words, while Pres. Krislov already knew the facts behind the hoax, he still allowed fear to pervade the campus for months, scheduled an unnecessary interruption of classes, published a misleading article and played the media for the fool that they have become – all to advance a false extremist ideology. 

As Michelle Malkin stated, “This is the sorry state of liberal arts colleges in America today:  Extremist identity politics, multiculturalism and pedagogical self-indulgence are creating a generation of race/homosexual ‘rights’ trolls enabled by tenured cultural Marxist punks raking in beaucoup bucks. The bursting of the higher education bubble can’t come fast enough.”

Matthew Shepard: Drug Robbery Gone Very Bad

This story is obviously different from the aforementioned examples because the deception wasn’t carried out by Matthew Shepard himself. However, this instance illustrates the eagerness with which Leftists are willing to shamelessly exploit anything for the homosexual “cause.” The tragic 1998 murder of Matthew Shepard, a homosexual University of Wyoming student, triggered an overwhelming flurry of media coverage. The media unscrupulously manipulated this case in their brazen effort to pass hate crime legislation.

In 2004, though, the false narrative began to unravel as the ABC News program 20/20 aired a episode in which the prosecutor revealed that the crime was not motivated by Shepard’s sexuality, but instead was merely a drug-related robbery that had turned violent. The Book of Matt: Hidden Truths about the Murder of Matthew Shepard (published Sept. 2013) was extensively researched (13 years, 20 states, and over 100 interviews) and written by Stephen Jimenez, an award-winning journalist, writer and producer. Jimenez, it should also be noted, is a homosexual himself;  this book certainly cannot be mischaracterized as a right-wing conspiracy or cover-up. The book exposes the fact that one of Matthew’s killers, Aaron McKinney, was also his occasional homosexual lover and a fellow drug dealer. Jimenez further revealed that McKinney and Russell Henderson actually murdered Matthew over a stash of methamphetamine that he had refused to share with them. Nevertheless, the Laramie Project, a theater production purporting to recount the details of Shepard’s death, continues to repeat the hate crime lie every time it’s performed in our country. Jimenez’s book also explains that when Matt Shepard was 15 years old, he was arrested for sexually molesting two 8-year-old boys in his Casper, Wyoming neighborhood.It should come as no surprise that the Leftist media made sure that we never heard about Shepard’s earlier arrest record because they were too busy fabricating a fake hate crime.

The media bias becomes even more apparent when we contrast the Shepard case with the brutal 1999 murder of 13-year-old Jesse Dirkhising by two deranged homosexual men. Jesse was kidnapped, drugged, tortured, and repeatedly raped before his death, and the media should have been as interested in this violent crime as in the Shepard murder. But they weren’t. Even the well-known homosexual commentator, Andrew Sullivan acknowledged the blatant media double standard. He astutely wrote in The New Republic: “In the month after Shepard’s murder, Nexis recorded 3,007 stories about his death. In the month after Dirkhising’s murder, Nexis recorded 46 stories about his.” And of the 46 stories about Dirkhising, Fox News was the only major network to report the incident.  The rest of stories were carried by smaller market outlets. Shepard’s story, on the other hand, was repeated numerous times on every single major network. Moreover, as Andrew Sullivan put it: “In all of last year, only one article about Dirkhising appeared in a major mainstream newspaper. The Boston Globe, The New York Times, and the Los Angeles Times ignored the incident completely.In the same period, the New York Times published 45 stories about Shepard, and the Washington Post published 28.  The discrepancy isn’t just real. It’s staggering.”

Sadly, the exact same comparison could be made to the savage 2002 murder of 51-year-old Mary Stachowicz, a Chicago churchgoer killed by 19-year-old homosexual Nicholas Gutierrez. Reportedly, Gutierrez snapped when Mrs. Stachowicz simply asked him, “Why do you sleep with boys instead of girls?” That was when he “punched, kicked, stabbed and strangled” her before stuffing her body into a crawl space under the floor of his apartment, where it remained for two days until he confessed to police. A near media blackout followed this very tragic event. Most people have never even heard about this case because it doesn’t advance what the Leftists are attempting to accomplish.

So, the pattern is clear: Inundate the country with stories of fake hate (and remain basically silent when the truth later comes to light), and ignore incidents of real hate that are perpetrated by homosexuals. Thus, leaving the very pernicious impression that Christian bigotry is rampant, and homosexuals are always the unfortunate, innocent victims. Of course, in many cases, the homosexuals are far from innocent. They have manufactured hate hoaxes and are often the actual assailants in violent acts committed against Christians. Yet, the “progressive” opportunists dutifully exploit such homosexual hysteria to promote so-called anti-discrimination and hate crime legislation, which is undeniably designed to silence people of faith and force them to capitulate to the homosexual agenda.

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Jeff Allen is both a senior editor and columnist for BarbWire. He also serves as senior pastor in a mainline Christian church in Indiana. He is an ordained elder in the Church of the Nazarene. Jeff is involved in several community ministries.

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