Louisiana Issues Guidelines for Free Speech in Public Schools

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Well, it’s good news in the Bayou State as Louisiana recently issued guidelines for free speech in public schools.

That’s the topic on the table today on today’s Faith and Freedom. I’m Holly Meade, the Director of Communications for Liberty Counsel, and joining me is Matt Barber, the founder of BarbWire.com.

Holly Meade: Well, Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry and U.S. Congressman Mike Johnson released a fifteen page document regarding the religious and free speech rights of students in public schools. They call it the “Louisiana Student Rights Review: Answers to Common Questions about Religious Freedom in Schools.”

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And it provides answers to 26 frequently asked questions regarding religious issues, student led prayer, when students can pray, etc. And again, this is not something that is just regarding Louisiana, though, is it Matt? I mean we have, you know, students in public schools have religious freedom in all states.


Matt Barber: Yea. They do. And I would love to see guidelines adopted and really I’d love to see the Trump administration embrace them…

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