Why We are Losing, and Why We Will Likely Continue Losing

Barb Wire

For decades we’ve been at war with communism and jihad. Both enemies have made progress, step-by-step.

Our truest defense against both: strong understanding of and belief in Americanism, bolstered by our Judeo-Christian traditions.  Our patriotism and our faith have been attacked and undermined daily for 100 years, almost half the life of this republic.

Today, we are at our lowest ebb.

Half the people can’t tell you why we celebrate the 4th of July.  They can’t tell you the basis of our legal system.  They cannot tell you about the connection between the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and they haven’t the first notion of why virtue is absolutely required for the establishment and preservation of liberty. Half the people cannot muster a decent definition of virtue, and they could care less.  Consequently, it should come as no surprise we suffer systemic lawlessness, pervasive immorality, suffering and mayhem.

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It should not surprise us we have wound up with the nominees we have in the present race for the White House.

We lost track of the importance of ethics the moment we decided to murder babies in the womb.  We rejected the idea of reverence and respect and family the moment we proclaimed God dead, replacing the Almighty with our own miserable, meager ‘understanding.’ No wonder we are demoralized, bereft of common sense and courtesy, easily deceived and conned by big talking politicians that promise the moon and stars, only to deliver, time and again, lies, corruption, decline and dissension.

In the end, unless we rediscover and apply God-given moral principles and renew our commitment to acting according to the dictates of virtuous conscience, we will suffer humiliation and defeat, outcomes we richly deserve, the natural consequences of our selfish ambition and ridiculous pride.

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