Light Bulbs, Gas Cans & Healthcare Share a Common Problem – the Government

Remember the old incandescent light bulbs? They were deemed evil because they used too much energy, so experts developed the CFL bulbs. They were advertised to use less than half of the energy when lit and they were also advertised that they would last many hours longer than the old incandescent bulbs.

Liberals in Congress got involved and passed laws banning the sale of incandescent light bulbs. Have the CFL bulbs lived up to their hype? Okay, they may use less energy, but I’ve yet to find one that lasted significantly longer than the older incandescent bulbs. The CFL bulbs also cost a lot more than the old incandescent bulbs, making me wonder if the savings in energy costs outweigh the high price for the bulbs, especially since they don’t last that much longer.

Then we learned that CFL bulbs pose an environment and health hazard if broken, something the older bulbs didn’t.

CFL bulbs are still commercially available, but the latest push is for LED lights which also use less energy, are brighter and they supposedly don’t pose the same health or environmental hazard that the CFL bulbs pose.

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The federal government got involved in the light bulb industry and all I see is higher prices for bulbs that may or may not be better than the old incandescent light bulbs.

Then there are gas cans. The cans people use for filling their lawnmowers, and other yard equipment and even putting gas in the car when someone forgets to fill up the tank.

Years ago, gas cans were simple, easy to use and not that expensive. Then liberals complained that these gas cans allowed gas fumes to escape into the environment, so the federal government stepped in and demanded changes to the simple gas can. New nozzles were developed that were designed to reduce the escape of gas vapors, but if you are like me, I found these new nozzles to be a royal pain the patootie.

When I went to purchase a couple of 5-gallon gas cans a few years ago, I discovered that it’s now illegal to sell the older style gas cans and, in many areas, it’s even illegal to fill an older-style gas can at the gas station. I bought 2 newer gas cans and found them extremely awkward to use when filling up the lawnmower of power generator. Thankfully, I still have an older 2 ½-gallon gas can with the old fashion nozzle that fits with the newer cans and I usually use the old nozzle with the new cans.

Then one of these new ‘safer’ gas cans began leaking gas out of the closed and sealed nozzle. Somehow, it was siphoning gas up the inward turned nozzle and the gas was then leaking out through the sealed cap. Today, I ended up buying another gas can to replace the one that was syphoning gas out of the can. This new can also had a fume reducing nozzle, but not one that goes down into the can. The new gas can cost me $34, a lot more than the old-fashioned gas cans that worked easier and better than all the newer cans with their safety and environmental nozzles.

Once again, I see where the federal government stepped in and screwed up a good thing.

Then there is today’s healthcare, another product of government intervention. Doctors now have to follow some really stupid and illogical rules and regulations to treat someone and many of these regulations only hinder good healthcare and treatment.  I could give you a number of examples, but let me just give you one that has directly impacted my family.

My oldest daughter as a very rare non-hereditary genetic mutation that causes a condition called McCune Albright Syndrome. It occurs in about 1 in ever 1 million people. It causes multiple tumors throughout the body (benign and cancerous), along with loss of vision (she is legally blind), fibrous dysplasia (her fibrous is closing one of her nostrils) and a number of other health problems.

She developed a pituitary tumor some years back that was secreting an excessive amounts of growth hormones. In her early 30s, she grew 1 ½ in height due to the growth hormones. The hormone secretions were also causing Cushing’s disease, which can be quite serious and even fatal if not treated. It caused her to put on excessive weight and impact her liver.

When she went to doctors, they said they couldn’t do anything because the tumor was not big enough. She was told by multiple doctors that in order for them to treat the tumor that it had to be at least 10mm in size and at the time, her tumor was only 9mm. They said if they treated it that according to Obamacare, they wouldn’t get paid for the treatment.

She finally found a medical group that was NOT part of Obamacare who treated her tumor. She underwent 6 weeks of daily pinpoint radiation to hopefully shrink or kill the tumor.

That was nearly 3 years ago and the tumor did shrink and stopped secreting the excess hormones, for a while. However, the tumor is growing again and secretes excess hormones in spurts. One blood test is normal and the next is off the charts and then it’s back to normal. But guess what. Her tumor has not reached the 10mm size  and since the secretions are not constant, no one wants to do anything about it, until it grows larger.

In the meantime, the hormone secretions that do come in bursts are affecting her liver functions and caused her to become insulin resistant with high blood sugar levels. She has now been placed on a diabetic medication to control the blood sugar, but doctors are concerned that the liver could be damaged and there is the small chance there may be some cancer in the liver, but again, she and her doctors have to follow Obamacare procedures and jump through a series of procedural hoops before anything can be done.

She has the feeling that doctors are just waiting for her to get so sick or die before they’ll do anything.

Yes. Light bulbs, gas cans and healthcare have one thing in common. They have all been ruined and screwed up by the federal government. Now realize that the socialist Democrats want government control over all industry and aspects of our lives. Can you imagine how awful that will be?

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R.L. David Jolly holds a B.S. in Wildlife Biology and an M.S. in Biology – Population Genetics. He has worked in a number of fields, giving him a broad perspective on life, business, economics and politics. He is a very conservative Christian, husband, father and grandfather who cares deeply for his Savior, family and the future of our troubled nation.

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