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2015 has been a very busy year. Liberty Counsel has been involved in many, many cases and issues regarding litigation, education, and public policy advancing religious freedom, life and family. And it’s part of our Year End Partners’ Report that we’re talking about.

Mat Staver: Matt, in this Year end Partners’ Report it is chock full of information of issues and topics and subject matter that LIberty Counsel has been involved with. We’ve been talking about religious freedom — that’s how this particular report begins. And under the category of religious freedom, with regards to litigation (and this is just one small aspect of Liberty Counsel), in this particular situation we filed suit on behalf of two policy organizations in Alabama.

And prepared briefs to the Alabama Supreme Court urging the court to contemplate the marriage decision’s substantial assault on the rule of law, democracy and natural law, and urge the court to uphold the religious freedom of probate judges who refuse to issue same-sex marriage licenses.

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Now, before the Supreme Court of the United States, in the 5- 4 opinion of June 26, we got a resounding victory from the Alabama Supreme Court saying that the law of the land in Alabama was marriage as the union of a man and a woman and the probate judges had to abide by that. We’re still now waiting for a follow-up ruling to see whether the Alabama Supreme Court will continue to say that following this ridiculous, frankly lawless, opinion of five lawyers on the Supreme Court.

Matt Barber: Liberty Counsel in 2015 demanded Wisconsin University reverse a professor’s open hostility against religion by threatening a failing grade for a group presentation if it included any reference to the Bible as part of the assignment, Matt. Clearly unconstitutional. Yet we’re seeing more and more of this type of thing at universities across the country…

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