Liberty Counsel Rejoices In Victory for Prison Chaplains

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Prison chaplains have been given accommodations for OC Spray. That’s the topic on the table today on today’s Faith and Freedom.

I’m Holly Meade, Director of Communications for Liberty Counsel, and joining me is Matt Barber, the Founder of

Holly Meade: So the Bureau of Prisons has now granted religious accommodation to prison chaplains at various federal correctional institutions, who had been punished for not carrying OC Spray — which is commonly known as pepper or mace, but I think a little stronger in the prison system — as a weapon against inmates to whom they had been tasked to minister and counsel.

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Now Matt, this is a win for us at Liberty Counsel since we had advised the BOP that they were being incorrect in requiring these prison chaplains to carry this OC Spray. so we are rejoicing that our letter to the BOP telling them that they needed to allow the chaplains to exercise their religious freedom is a great victory.

Matt Barber: It is. This all stems back prior to, of course, the passage of the Eric Williams Officer Protection act of 2015…

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