Liberty Counsel Defends Innocent Judge from SPLC Attack

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Liberty Counsel filed its reply in the Justice Tom Parker case, where the Southern Poverty Law Center has filed a complaint against this Alabama Supreme Court Justice to remove him from the bench.

Mat Staver: Now, everyone knows, Matt, that we have this case involving Chief Justice Roy Moore of the Alabama Supreme Court. A complaint was filed against him be the Southern Poverty Law Center– the radical organization there in Alabama. And a charge was issued against him so in the meantime he is under Alabama procedure removed from the bench pending the ultimate resolution of this matter.

But the Southern Poverty Law Center has also targeted a second justice, because they don’t like him either. His name is Tom Parker, and they have filed a complaint against him. No charge has been issued. But the complaint says that after the Supreme Court opinion on marriage in 2015, tom Parker went on a radio program and he criticized the legal underpinnings, or lack thereof, of the Supreme Court 5-4 opinion.

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